DLSU’s New Scholarship Programs

To make Lasallian education accessible to all, De La Salle University launched new scholarships during its centennial year. The new programs, namely The T.A.F.T. 100 (Top Achievers in the Freshman Test), The Vaugirard Scholarship Program, and Gokongwei Grants are offered to some of the country’s most outstanding students, including those who came from public high schools, and those who are inclined to take engineering programs.  
The new scholarship programs were designed to cater to specific groups and to give students the opportunity to have a brighter future.  The T.A.F.T. 100 automatically entitles students who topped the College Entrance Test to a 10 per cent tuition discount. The Vaugirard Scholarship Program is given to 50 deserving public school graduates, who get a full scholarship and Php 10,000 monthly stipend. 

The first batch of Vaugirard Scholars was presented last April 25. All 50 students are granted a full waiver of tuition, miscellaneous, and other fees. The scholars also receive a monthly stipend to cover accommodation, meals, transportation, and book expenses. 

The scholarship program was named after Vaugirard, France, where St. John Baptist de La Salle, founder of the Brothers of the Christian Schools, established his first novitiate. His house in Vaugirard became a refuge where the Christian Brothers continued their mission of providing free education for all.

Meanwhile, for those interested to take Engineering Courses, the University offers the Gokongwei Grants, a program which grants full tuition and fees waiver, monthly stipend, and book allowance.

DLSU President and Chancellor Br. Narciso Erguiza FSC hopes to continue the Lasallian mission by developing future leaders of the country.  He said: “To help build a progressive nation, our University recognizes the need to support the development of leaders in various fields. To do that, we are opening the doors of De La Salle University to more students who have the potential to be among our nation’s future leaders.” 

Other scholarships such as The Star Scholars Program, Br. Andrew Gonzalez Academic Scholarship, De La Salle University – TELUS Student Assistantship Program, Brother President Scholarship Program (BPSP), Centennial Scholarship Program (CSP), Scholarship for Children of Faculty (SCF), Scholarship for Children of Co-Academic Personnel (SCC), Military Scholarship (PD 577), and the St. La Salle Financial Assistance Grant are also available

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