Blah Blah Blogs: What The #PacBradley?!

I don't usually blog about boxing, but when I do there is something really wrong. When Manny was winning fights left and right, there is the common greeting of congratulations and some analysis from a regular spectator. Well, indeed the fight was shocking not in the fight itself but the unbelievable decision made by the judges on the final scorecards. Again, I am no expert however I am a keen observer, and at the fight, it was clear on my end that the fight belong to Manny. I also impressed with Bradley keeping it up to the 12th round which is an achievement for players. But when the announcement was made in favor of Bradley, I felt there is really wrong.

To be fair, I do check on boxing analysts sites and post about the fight, and as far as I have checked, they all are in favor for Pacman. It's not that he is Pinoy that I am rooting for him, but because he is really talented and strong. For the spirit of the sport and fairness, I would like to know the basis of which they gave those scores. It should not be an issue of race, color, religious views, business, smooth talk or personal opinion, just sticking to the rules of boxing.

I do not blame Bradley since he is also a fighter in the ring, yet if in case we will see he is involved with this controversy and has direct participation on this removes all my respect for him despite his undefeated track record. Many celebrities like Justin Timberlake, Olivia Munn, Chris Daughtry and many others have express their disbelief on the bout. And the twitter world just exploded with comments and memes in relation to this first time loss of Pacquiao since 2005. 

But more than his physical talent, I also admire Manny for his humility. He is not a master speaker, but speaks more sense than many people in power and influence. Even after the match, he gives his congratulations and looks calm. I think it would be wrong to call the loss as karma, or because he became to religious, or it was because Jessica Sanchez sung the star spangled banner which looked to favor Bradley, just looking on the fight itself is my basis of who should have won. Plain and simple.

This would be a hot topic for days and weeks t come, and the rematch is being "in the works" and hope everything will be cleared. I would also be a shame at the integrity of the Nevada Athletic Commission (the agency in charge of sporting events judging and organization) if there would be foul works with the decision. There is also speculation that this is intended as Boxing is a big time business internationally.

Despite this loss, Manny actually won in terms of support from fans of every nationality especially in social media. He still also goes home with millions of dollars from the Pay-Per-View shares and talent fees. He also have tons of commercial endorsements, a TV show, record albums, his very own store solely for his merchandise. And the millions of Filipinos around the world in his back.

I may have ranted a little with #PacShet in my mind but in the end that not everything is lost and still says proudly that #MannyPacquiaoIsStillTheWorldsBestBoxer

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