XSTIG: Trend Micro TrendLabs Tour

Everyday there are thousands to millions of viruses and trojans that are made and causes a serious security and data problem to the growing population of computer uses especially whose businesses and profession relies on it. And as companies shift from manual to automated systems in their workplaces, there is always the threat of their database and computers to be hijacked, vandalized, and precious information stolen.

That is why we need to have a trusted protection program in our computers that will prevent and block those unwanted virtual parasites that have been a pest for a computer. Here in the Philippines, we can be proud to say that we have a center that deals with these global threats and provide a number of solutions for research, prevention, management and customer service for computer and data users.

Trend Micro, one of the leading provider for computer security in the world has interestingly has a office for Research and Development  here in the Philippines. This marks foreign confidence that Filipinos  are indeed world class and highly competitive with the industry of anti-virus and protection programs. 

TrendLabs is the Trend Micro headquarters for global techincal support and research and development. Established in the philippines in 1998, TrenLabs now houses over 1000 strong cloud security and anti-malware experts  as well as support engineers, all deployed in round-the-clock operations to provide contious coverage to Trend Micro consumers worldwide.

Helmed by extensively-trained homegrown researchersadept to the global and local real-time developments on the malware front an equipped with cutting-edge tools and technology, TrendLabs is the backbone of the Trend Micro service infrastructure. TrendLabs offers Trend Micro customers not only maximun data protection, but reduced costs and ensured business continuity.


Core Technology is always-on, always available global service arm of the Trend Micro anti-malware threat infrastructure. The team creates tested and up-to-date solutions and technologies based on comprehensive threat monitoring, analysis, and in-depth research to ensure that malware is always blocked before they reach our customers

Core technology operations include Email Reputation services, Web Reputation Services, and File Reputation Services, all responsible for the analysis and correlation of incoming threats and creating the best solutions against them. On the other hand, non-operations team oversee resaerch, marketing, and quality assurance.

Global Information Services is the key group that implements and maintains the Trend Micro internal network and infrastructure. the team monitors and troubleshoots network-based activities across the Trend Micro offices worldwide, as well as auditing, monitoring, and proactive  threat assesments. They also ensure the critical availability of the Trend Micro threat and spport systems, and give recommendations on how to deploy new technologies.

Global technical Support is a world-class customer service organization that serves as the face and pivotal interaction point that between Trend Micro and our customers and partners. Aside from providing customer experiencefor all segmentsof Trend Micro's business-from the individual consumer to the larges global enterprises- it also give 24 x 7 physical, virtual, cloud, data center, and engineering support  and services for customers around the globe. The team covers the development and execution and advance service  automation in te areas of business inteligence, knowledge management, virtual customer interaction, and threat correlation via technologies  such as the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network tm.


The Trend Micro Smart Protection Network infrastructure delivers advanced protection from the cloud, blocking  threats in real-time. By combining internate-based-or "in-thecloud" technologies  with smaller, lighter-weight clients, our customers get immediate  access to the lastest protection wherever and however they connect -from home, within their network or on the go. It's security made smarter.

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