XSTIG: Sennhieser Concept Store Opening

Sennhieser has been one of the global  brands in terms of technology for sound and has been a very trusted name in the industry internationally. Here in the Philippines it is used by music professionals and a common brand used for events ensuring great audio quality that most competitors cannot match.

Now they are celebrating their 20th year in Asia, they are expanding their reach to more consumers  with the launch of their concept store here in the Philippines. Also inline with the celebration is the launch of their new headsets HD 700 and Amperior HD25

Their new concept store located at V-mall in Greenhills is a great location as the area is known to be a tech hub for consumer electronics. They also have great microphones that goes perfect with videoke machines. Their commitment for sound quality makes them stand out plus ergonomic designs that one can wear proudly. 

Audio Specialist Sennheiser Opens First Philippines Concept Store 

German audio specialist Sennheiser launched its inaugural concept store in the Philippines today.  The concept store is the only single-brand headphones retail outlet in Manila that provides an experiential showcase of Sennheiser’s entire range of headphones, including audiophile, travel, sports, home entertainment, mobile, gaming, street, and the DJ lines.

Known for its top quality audio products and innovative German technology globally, Sennheiser decided to collaborate with its Philippine headphones distributor, Iontech Inc., and retailer, Digits Trading, to open its first concept store at V–Mall (formerly known as Virra Mall) in Greenhills. The flagship store is also part of Sennheiser’s broader strategy to demonstrate its brand leadership in Asia and to expand its experiential product showcases to consumers across the region.

“Today marks a significant moment for all of us at Sennheiser Asia. We recognise the potential in the Philippines and we are delighted to have finally been able to create this immersive sound experience for Sennheiser fans. It is especially meaningful to us as we coincide this store opening with our 20th year celebration in Asia,” said Ng Chee Soon, President and Managing Director of Sennheiser Electronic Asia Pte Ltd.

Sennheiser Electronic Asia Pte Ltd (“Sennheiser Asia”) is fully owned by Sennheiser electronic GmbH & Co in Germany. It was formed in 1992 to oversee the Asian market including Southeast Asia, Korea, and other Indian subcontinents market.

Ricky Sy, President of Iontech Inc., said, “This is an exciting period for us. With today’s consumers being more discerning and willing to spend on higher quality products, we will work with Sennheiser closely to provide audio solutions that support our consumers’ lifestyle and expectations.”

Charlie Paw, General Manager of Digits Trading, said, “We see a strong growth potential in the audio market in the Philippines. The collaboration with Sennheiser and Iontech allows us to establish a partnership with two strong players in providing good products and lifestyle solutions to this segment.”

The Sennheiser brand, which has a long established history in the audio industry, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of headphones, microphones and wireless transmission systems.

Founded in 1945 in Germany, Sennheiser has always stood for the highest quality audio products across all areas of sound recording, transmission and reproduction. Over the years it has also created many firsts and solidified its position as one of the key inventors and thought-leaders in the innovation of sound technology.

“The Sennheiser culture has always been rooted in innovation and exploring what may be possible in the future. Our latest concept store is another step taken to continue our efforts in educating customers on our culture and belief in innovation and producing high quality sound,” said Ng.

During the media gathering event in the evening, senior representatives from Sennheiser Asia, Iontech and Digits Trading, together with guests and the media toasted to celebrate the Sennheiser concept store opening at the Seventh High Apex Lounge.

The Sennheiser concept store opens daily from 10.00AM – 8.00PM. More information about Sennheiser is available on Sennheiser Asia website (http://www.sennheiserasia.com) or Sennheiser Philippines Facebook Page (https://www.facebook.com/SennheiserPH)

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