Capital G and CALYE - The Ultimate Pinoy Urban Lifestyle Center

Its great to see that our very own urban culture here in the Philippines which is unique and blends well with the love for country and culture. This is the newest revolution of Pinoy power that is conquering the streets and making trends today. I came across this cool store in Robinson Galeria which is also a dance studio in one. Coolness.

Capital G located at the Sports Loop features proudly Filipino urban apparel from shirts, pants, accessories, and even CDs of Pinoy Urban Artists which is are rare to find. Their designs bares the Filipino pride and creativity. And aside from this, they also have their dance studio CALYE just behind the store, where they conduct various classes. I got to know them because of their recital held in Area 05. 

Truly a one of a kind store that is true to the urban lifestyle and also a new way of saying "Buy Filipino" which supports local artists and also manufacturers. You can also order online via their  website and facebook at

Imported from the streets of Manila, Philippines, Capital G brings to you fresh street gear that you will no doubt get down with. The company was started in 2009 by former members of the Philippine Allstars: Chelo Aestrid (also a singer/songwriter) & Madelle Paltu-ob (owner of Brewing Point Dance Studio); Hip-hop powerhouse duo Q-York (MC Knowa Lazarus and DJ Flava Matikz) originally from New York; Jerome B. Smooth, a restaurateur, event organizer, and radio DJ; Jovy Sison, whose business experience balances out the colorful group; and the elusive Crisis Hyperion. 

With their varied backgrounds they have created not just an apparel company but an urban lifestyle organization that helps spread the originality and positivity of Manila's street culture. Through design, giving other artists' a home for their products (indi-music, accessorries, and clothing),  dance & urban arts classes, urban community events such as open mics, dance showcases, Indi-Film showings, and product launches, Capital G is not just a store, it's music, dance and more. As we love to say, it's All Good with a Capital G!

They also have an ongoing promotion for their dance courses!

Imagine YOUR Ultimate Pinoy Urban Lifestyle Center…

by Chelo Aestrid

singer, dancer, host, actress, writer, business-woman
Twitter: @CheloAestrid

What would you want in it? Maybe you would like to have original and positive products: T-Shirts, caps, bottoms, hoodies, accessories, and tons of other fly gear from the underground; Pioneer DJ Equipment & Steez Speakers; Hawk Bags; and independent Original Pinoy Music. Maybe  you’d also love to have a “Center for Arts, Learning, and Your Experience (CALYE for short)” with dance classes consisting of Hip-hop, Krump, Popping, Locking, B-boying, Contemporary, and Jazz Funk; Pole Dance classes; and others such as, Zumba, and Capioera; DJ-ing, MC-ing, and Graffiti. Why not also be able to get: cornrows, dreadlocks, fades, and hair art so you can “Pimp Yo Hair”; Open Mics, Open Dance-Floor Nights, Indi-Film showings, and maybe product launches that actually make sense to you?

Well, you’re in luck, ‘cause WE GOT ALL OF THAT in a single place. And as our favorite saying goes, “It’s All Good with a Capital G”.  This is where Music, Dance, Fashion, and the urban communities collide and transform into one unifying location at the center of Metro Manila in Robinsons Galleria. This is Capital G.

The BeGinnings of Capital G

I am a proud original member of the six-time World-title holder in Hip-hop dance, the Philippine Allstars. In 2007, we were incredibly blessed with our team shirt that is now called the “Allstars Classic“. It’s the shirt with the big Filipino stars and sun in the front and we have sold tens of thousands of these shirts by now around the world, while it is still heavily pirated (which is both flattering and frustrating). I eventually became in charge of the Allstars Gear which started to include other shirt designs and accessories. All of the ways we sold everything are: through the trunk of my car, national and international deliveries; at all of our events; through friends and family; a few small distributors; and having people come to my condo. 

I woke up one day wishing for a store as people kept coming to my place while I was still in pajamas and feeling harassed! Most of the costumers were simply delightful people, but nevertheless, it was hard having strangers come every day to my home. Then I started to notice many friends (such as rapper Pikasso of Turf Clothing, and G-Force Dancers) in the Hip-hop and Dance communities with merchandise and selling the same way Allstars was. It dawned on me, “How fantastic would it be if we brought all of these items under one roof and helped people sell their fun stuff?” Also piracy is out of control, partly because it seemed customers did not have a more accessible way to get the original goods.

Thus, the concept of the store was born. No doubt inspired by the Man Above in 2008, I made it a goal to make it happen with the help of some friends. I have a Business Administration degree, years of retail experience in the US and the UK; and talented partners: Cedric Bonjoc (a.k.a. Knowa Lazarus of Q-York), James Palma (a.k.a. DJ Flava Matikz of Q-York), Rodel Intia (a.k.a. Jerome B. Smooth formerly of Wave 89.1), Madelle Enriquez (owner of Brewing Point Dance Studio), Jovy F. Sison, and Crisis Hyperion. With our contacts in the dance, music, and urban communities, we finally opened the first official branch of Capital G in Robinsons Galleria in July 2011.

“I will exalt you, my God the King; I will praise your name for ever and ever.” -Psalm 145:1 

The name Capital G comes from a line I wrote when the Allstars Band did a cover of the song “No Diggity” by Blackstreet back in 2007. Queen Bee’s original line goes, “Straight kickin’ game with a capital G, ask the peoples on my block I’m as real as can be.” But I switched up the rap and said instead, “Straight kickin’ game with a Capital G, that stands for God and not ‘gangsta’ see.” As a result, Capital G is named after God, everyone’s Best-Friend. We wanted to create a store that not only embraces Pinoy creativity, but also stands for something greater than all of us. We want His Blessing and His Guidance along the way and I think He has given us just that. 

With so much derogatory images from the urban scene today, my partners and I also wanted to stress that this is a positive, yet fun, and simply “cool” place to be. With interiors inspired by the streets: (chain link fence, concrete walls and floors, Graffiti art from Pilipinas Street Plan, a basketball hoop. subway cashier area and store fixtures, a bricked dance studio mirror, and two big screen TVs and a projector, this is a place where any kid or kid-at-heart can enjoy.

The Ultimate Goal with a Capital G

Capital G is not a business where only a few people profit, but has the potential to give hundreds of people the opportunity to sell their products more efficiently and more visibly to the world. There is no doubt positive pinoy apparel and music will make its mark not only in the PI but also on the global scene. We have already signed up for the website stores: and and have our own webstore

In the near future, we are planning on expanding with more branches to other parts of the metro, other major cities in the Philippines and Filipino communities around the world. With so much under our roof, the possibilities are never-endinG with a Capital G.

Please visit us at: 3rd Level, Sports Loop, West Wing, Robinsons Galleria, EDSA cor. Ortigas Ave., Ortigas Center, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines. LIKE us on Facebook: or Follow us on Twitter: @capitalG_calye. Our store numbers are: +63.917.555.0781 or +63.939.445.9787. Also, if you are an independent brand or artist and want to be a part of our Brand Partners family or for any other inquiries online, contact us at

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