The Seach For The New Teen Azkals Is On!

As Football (Soccer) is the next big sport in the country with the rise of the Philippine Azkals (Philippine Men's Football Team) in winning competitions and may also lead for a future at the FIFA World Cup. Many adults and kids are getting interested and playing the games, and goes beyond being just a craze.

With this new advent in Philippine football, its also time to get more Pinoys trained and compete which aims more international competitions and victories.  Thus there will be the search for the next teen Azkals  for U17 -19. These events will happen  first this July 7-8, 2012 for the NCR selection will be conducted at the University of the Philippines and August 4-12, 2012 for the Philippine Team Selection  at San Carlos City, Negros Occidental.

We also got to know more about the team through their team manager Alvin Caranza and coaches behind this teen powerhouse who will also be making waves like their adult counterparts. They mentioned that they are conducting projects such as training coaches, planning developments especially from the grassroot levels.

They also consider several football variants like futsal and beach football which can be applied to areas where football fields would not be available but promotes the sport for more people to experience them. They also said that they aim to have our own "football culture" similar to Brazil which is a football powerhouse despite being a third world country. 

Though not really a football player, I am greatly interested with this sport as it is also a sport with a holistic approach, it does require strategy, skill, talent, refex, endurance and coordination. I believe in the potential of the sport in our country and hope that we can make it to major leagues like FIFA and eventually win the championships. For today, lets hope we can discover the football prodigy in the try outs.   


Sustaining the surge of Philippine Football
By Coach Aris Caslib, PFF Technical Coach Director

The Mens National Team has developed winning as part of their habt in the last three years with the 3rd plcae finish in the Asian football Confederation Challenge Cup in Nepal as a manefestation of its success.

The combination of the good management of Dan Palami, effeciaent coaching of Michael Weiss, continuing advocacy and faith to the whole group of the team manager Alvin Caranza U17-19 and the players they have scouted all over the world manifest the formula for us to move further and make football the game for Filipinos.

However, sustaining the success entails a lot of layers of responsibility, hard work, practice and task.

a. In the grassroots level, quality grassroots experts are needed in all the 33 provincial football association to ensure the football activities are continuous with combination of training, mind setting, practice competitions and festivals for the kids.

b. Coaches development must be sustained. Last year, the first batch of Filipinos who took the AFC A license level and resulted to 7 potential new A licensed coaches in the country.

c. According to Atty. Rolando Tulay, General Secretary - PFF (Philippine Footbal Federation), continuing education is needed for coaches as quality coaches produce quality players will give more honor to the Philippines.

Competitions from club level to age group competitions are needed, both for girls and boys, men's and women's.

This competition will help us identify talents for future national youth teams.

And finally, the development of national youth teams in the country is important.

This ket component is important and has been highlighted by PFF President, Mr. Mariano V. Araneta in his program.

For us to sustain the success, national youth teams must be develop further and be exposed to competitions domestically and internationally. Partnerships  with people who believes in the game is an important ingredient of the program. Elite coaches must further develop by assessment and continuing education for new techniques.

National Team development in any country is always based on the grassroots and national youth teams TM Alvin Caranza U17-19 said. Supporting our age group will keep the momentum forward.

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