REEL DEAL: Behind the Scenes of "Princess and I"

With teleseryes left and right might bore you with the same formula of story plot, ABS CBN's Princess and I have proven to be a cut above the regular Primetime programming. And to make a unique show is not easy, as this involves a lot of conceptualizing, taping, editing, and more. This one I say had the potential being a hit given the plot and production.  

With just on its first 8 weeks, it has garnered an average of almost 40% TV ratings, interestingly enough, is also one of the shows that I was anticipating this year. Now we get to know more about the stars behind the "royal" teleserye.

Princess and I is about a simple fun loving girl named Mikay (Kathryn Bernardo) whose real identity is a princess from the land of Yangdon, she gets into a love polygon, her bestfriend Kiko (Khalil Ramos),the badboy Gino (Daniel Padilla), and he  Jao (Enrique Gil) who is the son of the Queen of Yangdon, Ashi Behati (Gretchen Baretto) who will do anything to get the crown for her son. Her real parents are King Anand (Albert Martinez) and Queen Isabel (Precious Lara Quigaman).

After filming the series in Bhutan in the Himalayas, they are now working on scenes shot in the Philippines. We got to know more about the main characters of the series namely Kathryn, Daniel, Khalil, Enrique, and Ms. Gretchen Baretto.

First we had Enrique and Khalil on the interview table talking about their roles and also how they are off the cameras. 

Enrique Gil, as Jao from the Kingdom of Yangdon, proves his versatility as an actor. From different roles, he has gained the trust of the public with his great acting and also his charm.

Khalil Ramos, from Pilipinas Got Talent, makes a breaktrough with his first teleserye. Even at his young age, he show he is a competitive actor but still keeping a very good lifestyle and is still in school.
Daniel Padilla, a very charismatic and confident actor, he is great with gaining (screaming and die-hard) fans even without saying a lot of words. For me has great potential without using his family name to be recognized.

Kathryn Bernardo, has gone a long way from her "Goin' Bulilit" days and now has grown into a fine actress perfect to be a princess. After teleserye "Mara Clara" and movie "Way Back Home" proves she is making waves and will get bigger with every project. 

And Finally, we have the alluring Ms. Gretchen Baretto, who plays Ashi Behati. She is the main antagonist in the series, but of a very regal and classy nature. She said that the queen role is of the things she wants to do as an actress. She also shared how she works and the wisdom she had gained though the years.
The set visit was indeed a fun one despite the hot afternoon. I am happy for the cast and crew of the Princess and I for making an excelent job in making primetime interesting, dramatic yet fun and entertaining. Shows weekdays on ABS CBNs Primetime Bida after TV Patrol

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