MUSIC LYF: Chicosci - This Is Not A Chicosci Record (Album)


Three years since the release of their last studio album and after endless gigging and touring, Chicosci is finally releasing their much-anticipated sixth album, This Is Not A Chicosci Record. The ever-so-dynamic rock group has been in the lab the past year, writing and recording new material with producer Eric Perlas of Tower of Doom Studios, and is set to make waves again with this new album under MCA Music Inc.     

Always evolving with each album, the band has once again pushed themselves creatively with this new outing. Chicosci wants their listeners to be devoid of any preconceived notions of who the band is or how they should sound like.

“It’s shouldn’t be important who the artist is,” says singer Miggy Chavez.  “We hope people like the album because it’s good music and not because it’s Chicosci. And if people don’t like the record, we hope it’s because they actually listened to it and hated the music or (not like it) because it’s OPM.” The album features 14 tracks including the first single “Stealing Kisses”, the feel-good “Raspberry:  Girl” and the rock ballad “Sleep Station”.

This Is Not A Chicosci Record will be released digitally on iTunes on October 22 and on mymusicstore on October 23. Fans can purchase the CD on October 31 during their album launch at Eastwood Central Plaza at 7pm. Since it will be the first day the This Is Not A Chicosci Record will be sold, those who will buy the album for only P290 at the venue will get a free baller ID. Also available is the Chiscoci T-Shirt Bundle which includes a Chicosci shirt, the new Chicosci album for only P499 with a free baller ID. The free baller ID and the Chicosci T-shirt bundle will be just for the launch only so better save up and spend your Halloween at Eastwood Central Plaza this Oct. 31. 

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