Michael V. gets torn between Maureen Larrazabal and Jackie Rice in "Bubble Gang" short film

This Friday on "Bubble Gang" viewers will witness a marathon of five specially produced short films that will surely leave them laughing out loud as the longest-running comedy/gag show celebrates its 17th anniversary with a special episode entitled, "Dis Is Siete: The Bubble Gang Anniversary Special."

One of the five short films is "Kabiyak" starring Michael V., Maureen Larrazabal and Jackie Rice. It is a story of two women (a legal wife and a mistress) fighting for custody over the remains of a deceased man they both loved.  Eventually the management of the funeral parlor decided to give each woman a piece of their man with the upper half given to the legal wife and the lower (more "sinful") half to the mistress.  Will the erring women be satisfied with their lot and finally put their lover to rest?

Find that out this Friday, October 19, in "Dis Is Siete: The Bubble Gang Anniversary Special" after Inside Protege on GMA-7. 

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