Promoting Youth Activeness through the Get Active Campus Challenge

College is all about fun. It’s about learning, and making sure you understand how each puzzle fits--how we, each as an individual piece with our own unique shapes, fits into a world of grand encounters and marvelous opportunities.

College is about finding your own calling.

“We’ve all been there. Each of us knew how challenging and exhilarating it all was. When college comes to mind, we are reminded of our eager smiles, the squint in our eyes, ecstatic as we brace ourselves for whatever challenge lies ahead,” shares Garnier beauty advocate, Georgina Wilson.

At a young age, we’ve learned to explore and develop our talents, and use it for good reason. Despite the insecurities brought about by the pressure of the academe, we knew how important it was to not take ourselves for granted, as we tried to discover our passions.

In the spirit of taking care of one’s self, Garnier prides itself in being the world’s most trusted and most caring skin care brand that’s grounded on developing skin care solutions to make you look and feel your best. Because the moment you feel good about yourself, you feel more inspired to take an active initiative in pursuing your goals.

In light of tapping into that youthful enthusiasm, Garnier has launched the Get Active Campus Challenge. The Garnier Get Active Campus Challenge promotes youth activeness in order to have young voices heard and their fresh new ideas put into action.

Nine Schools Vying for the Best Campaign

The Garnier Get Active Campus Challenge had youth groups from nine different schools all over the country involved in crafting their own campaigns, focusing on a wide range of causes, from health and wellness, to community development, the environment, women empowerment, and more. The following is a list of the advocacies they spearheaded and got active in.

The “G” Project
St. Paul University Quezon City - Biology Society
July 27, 2012, Mere Marie Michaeu Hall

In this project, the students from St. Paul University QC’s Biology Society got to unleash their pure activeness by planning, organizing, and directing a variety show, and implementing sports and wellness activities. With a friendly sports competition, a Get captured photo contest, and an afternoon variety show, students from this university showed an explosion of youthful talent, creativity and energy. One of the highlights of the program was the G-Cycled Fashion Show, where fashionable dresses for women and upscale suits for men made from recyclable materials were showcased. 

Eco-static Saturday: Stay Fit, Stay Fun, Be Fabulous
Assumption College, San Lorenzo - Asaec
July 28, 2012, Assumpta Hall

The youth from Assumption College had fun launching a “carnival-type” event filled with aero-dance sessions, carnival-type games and an eco-fashion show entitled “Environmental Masquerade Ball,” featuring garments made of recyclable materials. The participants here enjoyed dynamic zumba, kickboxing, hip hop and street dance sessions, giving the students a fun and healthy way to sustain a fit body.

UST Tiger Games
University of Santo Tomas - Central Student Council
July 29, 2012, Manila Area

With reviving the spirit of nationalism in the youth in mind, the UST Central Student Council organized a scavenger hunt race around the Manila area, comprising of the UST Grounds, Intramuros, Manila Post Office and Rizal Park. With cultural immersion as their main thrust, the organizers held activities involving Filipino history and tradition, from singing the Philippine National Anthem to reading Alibata. An awarding of the top three winners of the Tiger Games capped off the event.

It’s Our Time to Shine
Polytechnic University of the Philippines - CTHTM Tours and Travel Agency
August 01, 2012, Bulwagang Balagtas and Bonifacio Hall

PUP, on the other hand, got active in promoting women empowerment through a campaign that had students attending relevant talks and activities headed by highly-esteemed individuals. In this campaign, the CTHTM Tours and Travel Agency organized five camps with relevant talks and activities. Other highlights included makeover workshops, a group aerobics session, and a fashion show where PUP ladies ramp in their high fashion frocks made of recyclable materials, to name a few.

Small Spaces, Big Returns
University of Mindanao - Paglaum
August 11, 2012, UM Matina Gym

Taking on environmental care and community development, is University of Mindanao’s Paglaum. Their Small Spaces, Big Returns campaign served as a pro-active project to promote the wonders of urban container gardening. Here, the students set out to the garden and in their own groups began their sustainable gardening project. Organizers educated NSTP students on the importance of using the small spaces they had and how it can help the less privileged. 

Gear Up! Garnier’s Eco Amazing Race: A Plastic-free Dumaguete
Silliman University - Student Government
August 18, 2012, Dumaguete City

To raise awareness about a the plastic free ordinance the city is implementing and encourage a healthy lifestyle, the Silliman University Student Government, together with hundreds of students participated in as Eco Amazing Race. The race was spread out in several locations across the city where each station had a challenging task that had to be accomplished to move forward. Part of the fun challenges were a walk inside the cemetery while being blindfolded, catching at least two hens as fast as they could, and rappelling while protecting an egg, to name a few.

Greening the Maroon and Gold
Cebu Institute of Technology - Supreme Student Government
August 23, 2012, CIT Campus Quadrangle and Gymnasium

To promote the transformation of CIT University into a green campus, the CIT Supreme Student Government organized an afternoon filled with activities that promote a greener lifestyle. In this campaign, students head out to participate in a mural painting activity, an activity where participants created environmental signage to promote awareness, and activity where students designed recycle bins to symbolize the Earth and promote waste segregation, an activity where participants taught their younger schoolmates how to transform used papers into eco-notebooks. To culminate the day’s festivities, an evening program was held, where the Green Scene fashion show commenced. As a closing number, the students lit up sky with lanterns as a sign of their commitment to a Greener University.

Juan Youth
University of the Philippines Diliman - AIESEC UPD
September 08, 2012, CS Ampitheater

Lastly, AIESEC UPD organized a day of fun for underprivileged youth in nearby barangays through a small fair held in their CS Ampitheater. Here, volunteer Ate’s and Kuya’s were paired up with kids as they roamed around the fair and enjoyed a day of fun together. In this event, children had a chance to learn about different cultures around the world through the “Global Village” as well as enjoy small prizes for playing. 

With all nine campuses having done a significant part in actively promoting a cause, Garnier hopes to have fostered the true sense of putting that youthful dynamic to good use through the Get Active Campus Challenge. 

“What we seek in this endeavor is to ignite the youth’s passion, and have them realize the lengths at which a person can achieve greatness by setting a good example of someone who takes good care of himself, of others, and of the communities around him,” shares Major Masa, Junior Product Manager for Garnier.

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