Who Will Win Protege The Final Battle?

The Final battle is at hand! After almost three months of training  assessments  performances, and rivers of tears of joy and grief will eventually come to its end when the reality show PROTEGE: The Battle for the Big Artista Break come to its finals.

And from the thousands of those who auditioned from all parts of the Philippines, it is now narrowed into the final six proteges that will have to show everything that they got and prove to the judges, their mentors, and the viewers from the country and all around the world that they are truly refined into the "diamond" stars that they earned the hard way competing with each other which they have also gone close to.

The Protege Top 6 are:

Ruru Madrid - Mindanao - 14 - Zamboanga - @ruruPROTEGE

Jeric - Southern Luzon - 19 - Calamba, Laguna - @JericPROTEGE

Thea Tolentino - South Luzon - Calamba, Laguna - 15 - @theaPROTEGE

Elle Ramirez - Mega Manila - 18 - Rizal - @EllePROTEGE

Mikoy Morales - 18 - Visayas - Roxas City - @mikoyPROTEGE

Zandra Summer - 18 - Visayas - Cebu - @zandraPROTEGE

And for their performance this Sunday, they showcased their talents one by one as one of the final activities that they will do to achieve their dream as future and upcoming stars.

For Ruru, it was a production number inspired by the musical West Side Story with Bea and Joshua. Zandra showed a gender-bending sequence with 'Always' and 'Ispageti'. Mikoy goes old school with 'Singing In the Rain'. Thea brings down the house with her hosting skills and her rendition of 'Rumor Has it' by Adele. Jeric showed a eerie yet very impressive singing with 'Mad World' by Adam Lambert. And finally but not the least is Elle's monologue as Sisa which actually earned a standing ovation from Cherrie Gil. The ones that shined in this presentation were Jeric and Elle according to the Judges.

The night ended with all the proteges and mentors proud of what they have gone through the months. But the tension is not over as the final decision will be done next week and they have also opened the voting for the whole week. So whoever your bet would be, make it count and vote for you favorite Protege!     

For more information check out their  facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/ProtegeGMA.

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