REEL DEAL: Tiktik The Aswang Chronicles SNEAK PEEK

As a comic fan, I heard about the movie Tiktik The Aswang Chronicles way back in summer Komikon. And when I saw it there for the first time, I was really impressed. It brought Filipino Thriller Movies to a whole new level. We had the chace to take a sneak peek at the movie, with it meticulous production which actually took years in the making.

The movie made a lot of first with its production, and it starts with a very good plot. We know that there are a lot of aswang movies made in the past that we sometimes don't see nothing new with their story. But this one laid a great foundation with building the connection of the characters. Speaking of characters, Dingdong Dantes looks really cool in this movie as he does a lot of action and a unique approach to the character. Plus add heavyweight actors like Joey Marquez, Janice De Belen, Lovi Poe and Ramon Bautista just to name a few makes a unusual yet perfect combination of personalities to the story.

We also asked Direk Erik Matti about the project which he is very proud of and hope to make more similar projects like this in the future. Well we do have a video of the interview here for a more comprehensive view.

The movie was entirely shot in green screen which lessens the need to go to far flung locations, but the amazing thing is they made a very rural background with CGI animation and texturizing the whole scene with details. It would be comparable to comic book movies in Hollywood like 300 and sin city. 

And to complete the experience, they also made a comic book version of the movie which the one launched back in summer komikon. As a comic fanatic, I really dig this kind of approach which expands the creativity and also the movie experience. Since I knew the film back then, I really made it a point to watch it. I thank the people behind this like Post Manila, Agosto Dos, Reality Media and GMA Films for making us proud of our movies, a real breakthrough in Philippine Cinema.  Tiktik The Aswang Chronicles will be shown in Theaters October 17, 2012.

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