MUSIC LYF: Panatang Makabanda marks the return of Rivermaya in the local recording scene

Iconic and multi-platinum-selling band Rivermaya makes a local recording scene comeback with the much-awaited release of their album Panatang Makabanda, under Universal Records. The album is their first in four years and their first with Universal Records.

Rivermaya is now composed of Mark Escueta, Norby David, Mike Elgar and Ryan Peralta.

Rivermaya joins the label’s elite roster of bands – Parokya Ni Edgar, Kamikazee, Sponge Cola, Calla Lily, among others.

“It's really a great honor for us, not only to become part of such a high-calibre roster, but to be given the chance to work with a company that has always championed the Filipino artist. It took a few weeks for it to really sink in. Di kami makapaniwala,” says Mark. “Finally, we're ‘home.’”

The album’s single Pilipinas, Kailan Ka Magigising, penned by founding Rivermaya member Mark Escueta, is reminder to everyone to go against crab mentality, and selfishness, especially now that another elections is within the horizon once again.

When asked how the single was chosen among the tracks recorded for the forthcoming Panatang Makabanda album, drummer-turned-guitarist Mark quips, “In the early stages of recording, this song became the initial favorite of the group. It's also a fun song to play live.  Maganda yung message ng kanta and very timely rin since election time nanaman tayo. “

Norby adds, "Hopefully our new record can take the fans to a whole new level and attract more new listeners to our songs and stories. We are all excited for what each of us can bring to the table, and soon to your ears."

When asked to sum up his Rivermaya journey from 1993 to 2013 founding member Mark says: “One of my firm beliefs is that the best part about being a
musician is the PROCESS. If you enjoy the process then all your gigs, songs and albums will be celebrations after a great day at the ‘dream office.’ If the process is messed up, many things can go wrong and it can even end up as a painful experience. It has to be good for everybody, not just one or two. Few people know, and I’m sure a lot of my fellow musicians will agree, that one of the most important things that keeps a band going is something that is not so musical in nature. It’s called laughter. A band that laughs together, stays together.
Diyan mayaman ang Rivermaya ngayon, tawanan, pagkakaibigan at bagong musika.”

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