ART IS A BANG: Virgin Lab Fest 9 Set C

Truth is I am a virgin... in attending the Virgin Lab Fest held in CCP and this being my first time, I don't have a lot of expectations rather than I'll be watching quality plays that I would surely enjoy and when I though I would be just seeing one play, it was actually a set with 3 plays which they show by sets (set A to D).

The people behind the plays where very known and have contributed in one way or another something to Philippine theater. The Virgin Lab Fest was made for unconventional themes and fresh plays which redefines the public view of theater.

I saw set C of the Virgin Lab Fest featuring 3 plays: "Pamamanhikan", "Ambong Abo", and "Kung Paano Ako Naging Leading Lady"

Seeing this plays made by great writers and directors is actually a feel good feeling for me even if the theme may be dark or a little violent. The measure of effectiveness is how I am moved with the story, the characters and even the smallest detail. Now let's talk about the three plays:

Written by Bernadette Neri
Directed by JK Anicoche

Though the play looks simple, it gets more complicated by the minute. The role of was first performed by Ama Quiambao, who fell ill in the middle of the performance and was rushed to the hospital and today we heard the sad news that she passed away. Her last performance was doing the thing she loved and that is arts. The play had a replacement for the role, and since it was impromptu, she brought the script while performing. Its not a big deal for me since she delivered it well though it pushed the running time with just a few minutes.

Written by Em Mendez
Directed by Roobak Valle

An tale of the family set in New York and in Bicol, the patriarch claiming he is the son of Daragang Magayon. And both daughters wanting to have the love of their father brings nostalgia, illusions, and songs to their lives. I liked how it gives impact to relationships and how they portray different locations with minimal props. Though, I do think that I would appreciate it more if I hail from Bicolandia.
from Roobak Valle's facebook

Written by Carlo Vergara
Directed by Chris Martinez

I do love the works of Sir Carlo Vergara, and knowing that this is his first playwright is something I would love to see. In this play, I do see the elements of Carlo Vergara with the characters and Chris Martinez with the execution of scenes. I also have to say it has a very "bongang" set design. There was a moment of shock, quick plot twists, and yet a great style of doing action without being robotic. With comedy from start to finish, it brings a happy ending to the set of plays.
I do love all of the plays, they all have their own strengths and even with incidents like health emergencies and replacements, it shows that the show mus go on to keep the love of art alive which immortalizes the actors playing their roles. For Ama Quiambao, I might have not met you but thank you for being an artist until the very end which also make my first virgin lab fest unforgettable. 

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