Safe and Stylish Homes for Students

For our parents and their parents, accommodation near the university meant a dormitory, a building with its warren of rooms where they had to live with strangers and share the kitchen, dining area and bathroom with them. Because of cramped living conditions, little or no privacy was maintained. A modicum of security was offered by a guard; a round-the-clock CCTV surveillance was rare if not downright non-existent.

Students of today have far better choices and more flexibility in choosing their second home as they embark on their university life. Vista Residences, a company under Vista Land & Lifescapes which has been providing quality homes for the Filipino family since 1977, positions itself as the foremost real estate developer that caters to the student market. Currently, it is building three projects near the top universities in the country: 878 España (University of Santo Tomas), Vista Residences Taft (De La Salle University) and Vista Residences Katipunan (Ateneo de Manila University and University of the Philippines).

“Because of their stature, these universities attract students from all over the country who would need accommodations that are comfortable, safe and inspire a sense of confidence in them each time they go to the university of choice,” says Beth Kalaw, Vista Residences HRB Division Head. "As a parent myself, I would make sure these needs are met. Vista Residences provides not only accommodation but security and amenities that would make the student’s stay memorable.”

Strategically located to be either across or beside a university, the 37-story 878 España, the 39-story Vista Residence Taft and the 30-story Vista Residence Katipunan offer a level of safety and convenience that are unheard-of. Since one’s residence and school is within walking distance of each other, tremendous risk that comes from commuting and public exposure is greatly minimized. The buildings themselves provide topnotch security through 24/7 CCTV monitoring and fire protection equipment that include automatic heat and smoke detectors, sprinkler system and stairwell fire exits. Security personnel meticulously monitor who get in and out of the condominium.

To make a student’s stay in the building becomes more exciting and productive, each tower offers a study lounge, a perfect, quiet place to write that term paper; a set of multi-purpose halls where one can brainstorm projects with classmates; and a swimming pool and a fitness center that will keep the residents in tiptop shape. Serviced by high-speed elevators, the buildings have sky decks that will allow occupants to have a 360-degree view of the metropolis.

“In addition to these amenities, we envision our projects to be a self-contained environment,” says Kalaw. “Residents need not venture outside of the building for their everyday needs and supplies as we have allocated the ground floor for a laundromat, a cafe, a convenience store, a fast food joint, among others.”

Students who would need to visit a full-scale retail hub once in a while need not worry as these projects are near a wide selection of malls and establishments. 878 España is near SM San Lazaro, and the retail spaces and restaurants in Morayta and Recto Ave.; Vista Residences Taft is a few minutes away from Robinson’s Place, Harrison Plaza and Mall of Asia; while Vista Residence Katipunan boasts of proximity to malls in Araneta Center and Eastwood in Libis.

“From a practical point of view, living in a Vista Residence projects mean that the travel time is greatly minimized, if not totally eliminated, during the commute to and from the school,” says Kalaw. “There is no more need to use a car and waste gas. By freeing a large chunk of time, one can devote more hours on studying or doing extra-curricular activities.”

Investment-wise, these developments offer parents the chance to profit from the space as soon as their son or daughter graduates by leasing or selling their unit. It also solves the problem of providing accommodation to another child who is yet to enter college. Since there is always a high demand for accommodations near schools, with a yearly turnover of students, investors can always look count on fresh batch of lodgers.

“In providing the best for their child in terms of education and accommodation, parents are making a sensible choice,” says Kalaw. “The moment their child graduates and takes on a job, their investment in education will start reaping rewards, so is the condo unit whose value will increase through the years. It is always at a ready for another student who, just like their child, is willing to take the challenge of school in order to step into a bright future.”

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