How the hero dog ‘Kabang’ saved the life, family of her master

Who would have thought that an “askal” (stray dog) would become a celebrated hero? Not even the dog’s master, Rudy, thought the once homeless canine, which he found one day wandering on a street, was capable of doing the heroic acts that she did.

In June this year, Kabang saved Rudy’s daughter, Dinah, and her cousin from being run over by a motorcycle. Before the motorcycle could hit the girls, Kabang jumped in front of it and used her body to stop the vehicle.  As a result, the dog suffered a severe injury to her snout and upper jaw, eventually losing half her face.

Soon, stories about Kabang’s heroism sprouted on the internet and eventually were picked up by the mainstream media not only in the Philippines but also abroad.  Netizens, especially dog lovers, took pity on Kabang. Not long, cash donations poured in for her treatment and hopefully, for a reconstructive surgery of her face.

In 2013, Kabang was sent to the United States to undergo treatment.  Although the doctors were not able to bring back the dog’s missing snout, they successfully treated her wounds and other pre-existing ailments.  In June, Kabang was given a hero’s welcome on her return to the Philippines and was reunited with her owner, Rudy.

This Saturday, July 13, the GMA drama anthology program “Magpakailanman” will feature Kabang’s heroism and the life story of her owner Rudy Bunggal.

When he was young, Rudy dreamed of serving his country by entering the military but his mom, Felicisima, strongly opposed the idea. Distraught by his mom’s disapproval, Rudy left home and started his own family with his wife Cristina.  Years later, Rudy longed to see his mom and began searching for her but to no avail.

One day, while watching the news on television about Kabang’s heroic deed, Felicisima saw Rudy as he was being interviewed about his dog.  This paved the way for a reunion between Felicisima and her son after so many years of having no contact whatsoever.

At the end of the day, Kabang not only saved the life of Rudy’s daughter and niece, she also healed the wounds of her master’s troubled past.

Watch Kabang and Rudy’s story in an episode entitled “Kabang: Hero Dog” in “Magpakailanman” airing this Saturday, July 13, after “Vampire Ang Daddy Ko” (approx. 8:00pm) on GMA-7.

Hosted by veteran journalist Mel Tiangco, the episode stars Jillian Ward, Snooky Serna, and Mr. Ricky Davao. 

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