Skylight Films and Star Cinema have again come together to put up meaningful yet unconventional movie with TUHOG. This one is a different kind of "tuhog" from what we would know maybe the sexy film. This one would be the most literal interpretation of the title. And who will be unfortunate characters who will be skewered like barbecue?

It would be the threesome of Leo Martinez (Tonio), Enchong Dee (Caloy) and Eugene Domingo (Fiesta) together in an unfortunate road accident that also brought them together. Tonio, is a retired employee which found his new hobby which is baking and invested his saving putting up one. Fiesta is a busy bus conductor and driver (sometimes) who makes a living to just survive and not live as it is meant to be. And Caloy, a young guy who is staring out to know and experience love and life itself.  In the trailer which I could say left everyone puzzled, even myself. 

Now the question is who will be the sole soul to survive this ordeal? Will it be the new start for  Tonio? Or the start of a life of love of Fiesta? Maybe the budding young life of Caloy? What will happen will be the mystery until its opening on July 17, 2013. 

This will be part of Star Cinema's 20th anniversary offering together with another hit maker Skylight productions which gives the two brands an edgy take on Philippine cinema and provide one of a kind movies everyone will enjoy.

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