Getting stylish with McJIM

When it comes to his fashion choices, a Filipino gentleman is not one to be swayed by trends. He aims for a sleek, classic look, knows the clear demarcation line between casual wear and formal wear, and respects dress codes. He knows the value of power dressing, presenting himself as a confident, successful and goal-oriented individual who is ready to conquer the world.

An invariable part of a Filipino gentleman’s fashion arsenal is a belt from McJIM, which has been providing his sartorial requirements for 40 years. Not one to compromise quality, he knows that a staple from McJIM is made from the highest quality of leather and displays meticulous craftsmanship. No other leather goods company competes with McJIM’s emphasis on high taste, classical design and modern aspiration.

The reason why belts are considered highly valuable by a Filipino gentleman is that they anchor and complete a look. Though fashion pundits say that a pair of pants should fit snugly around the waist without a belt, this accessory conveys that the wearer has taken time and care to enhance and polish his style. Know the following basics and you’re on the right track on becoming a gentleman yourself:

Know the difference between casual and formal

The hard-and-fast rule on this one is that the bigger the buckle, the more casual the belt becomes. Formal belts are usually narrower (about 1 ¼ inches wide), have a simple buckle (either in silver or gold finish), and come in three main colors (black, brown, beige). Any palette beyond this three is definitely casual.

A dress belt is necessary in formal attire but can be matched along a casual ensemble of denim and a button-down as long as it is paired with leather shoes. As a rule, always match the color of your belt with the color of your shoes.

Keep it lean and simple

As mentioned, your pants should be fit and snug on your waist. The belt should not duly squeeze your midsection. In terms of length, opt for one that has an excess of a couple inches after a full rotation (the belt meeting the buckle) which can then be inserted into your pants’ first belt loop.

Always match the color of the buckle’s finish with the color of any jewelry you are wearing. A gold statement watch necessitates a gold buckle. The only exception to the rule is your wedding band since it’s more of a symbol than part of your personal style.

Invest on quality

Belts sold cheaply are usually made from patent leather (essentially plastic) and do not have the soft feel and sheen of a genuine leather. The mechanism of the buckle can not be trusted. Around the waist, they look either super shiny or dull. To a meticulous eye, they can easily give their humble provenance away.

McJIM’s dress belts for men, on the other hand, are made only from the genuine calfskin leather and are meticulously stitched on the edges. The buckle is securely attached to the end and will not easily give even with a tight pull. Around the waist, the belt sits properly, blends with the attire and doesn’t call undue attention to itself. The McJIM logo (a man wearing a bowler and a monocle) is embossed on the leather. This mark of distinction is what separates a Filipino gentleman from the rest.

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