Keep Informed With The BPI Asset Management Research iPad app

The BPI Asset Management Research app provides 24/7 access to informed insights and thoughtful analyses on the macro-economy, and financial markets. It is the first dedicated financial research iPad application in the Philippines, giving you access to relevant and timely updates on both the local, and global financial markets.

You can also view the BPI Funds’ daily prices, and even save your favorite investment funds for easy monitoring.

The BPI Asset Management Research app is available for FREE in the iPad App Store.

BPI Asset Management Research reports and BPI Funds

The BPI Asset Management Research app allows users unlimited access to BPI Asset Management Research reports.

There are five main categories that contain different sections.

Fund Search and Favorites

The BPI Asset Management Research app also allows you to experience a personalized and customizable fund monitoring through the Fund Search. Select different funds and list them under your Favorites to easily monitor daily fund prices.

I. Morning View

Be up-to-date with the daily local and international market news.

A. Daily Local News

B. Equity Markets - Asia

C. Key Indicators

D. Local Bond Market

E. News - Asia Pacific

F. News - US and Europe

G. Upcoming Economic Releases

II. Daily Recap

Know the day-to-day market conditions and activities in the Philippine financial market.

A. Daily News Brief

B. Foreign Exchange Rates

C. PSEi Movers

D. PSEi Performers

E. PSEi Stats

III. Research

Stay on top of financial market developments through the BPI Asset Management proprietary research reports.

A. Currencies

B. Economic Releases

C. Global Bonds

D. Global Equities

E. Investment Insights

F. Local Equities

G. Market Focus

H. Philippine Bond Market

I. Philippine Peso

J. The Week Ahead

IV. Funds

Check out BPI's wide array of Investment Products.

A. Featured Fund

B. BPI Investment Funds

B. BPI Index Funds

C. Odyssey Funds

D. ALFM Mutual Funds

V. Tools

Get a quick guide on investments through our different Tools.

A. Investment Academy

B. Investment Advertisement

C. Investment FAQ's

D. Investment Insights

E. In The News

F. Contact Us

G. Videos

H. Websites

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