REEL DEAL: The Banes of Society Found At Sitio "Kamkam"

Despite the growing economy, the problem of poverty, crime, and illegal drugs still rule the underworld in some parts of the country. Many have been depicted in many movie showing it, but many would only tackle just the shallow surface of these societies. What if you put all of these into one place with all the residents connected in one way or another and finds themselves in a complication of surviving, living, and loving, that place is Sitio Camcam.

Kamkam (Greed) tells the story of the squatter community of Sitio Camcam which is home to residents who engage in vices like gambling, drugs, illegal connections to water and electricity which is controlled by a local kingpin Johnny (Allen Dizon). The officials like Barangay Chairman Toming  (Emilio Garcia) tolerates the community and is a friend of Johnny however tensions between them starts with problems of the sitio gets complicated. Johnny is also a known womanizer, with three wives Salud (Jean Garcia), Evelyn (Sunshine Dizon) and Shane (Jackie Rice) who is his current favorite wife. 

Johnny also get caught into conflict with his children both from Salud and Evelyn. With some of the illegal activities are targeted by other corrupt officials, the threat of demolition looming, and the family dilemma, Johnny goes into the extremes to protect his turf to provide to his children and his wives.

Kapuso stars Joyce Ching, Lucho Ayala, and Rita De Guzman plays important roles in the movie as the children who defies their parents but gets into trouble for the sake of love and  family. We also got to chat with Allen Dizon at the press preview:

Written by Jerry Gracio and directed by Joel Lamangan, Kamkam also stars Elizabeth Oropesa, Jaime Pebanco, Kerbie Peralta, and introducing Athena Bautista and Zeke Sarmenta.

Kamkam will be showing in theaters July 9, 2014 in selected theaters nationwide.

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