Concepcion-Midea Launches Consumer Appliances with Partnership

World’s largest consumer appliance producer Midea launches line of products with the partnership of local appliance corporation Concepcion (Kelvinator, Condura) to bring the leading appliance maker of the world to fit the local lifestyle of the Filipino household.

The big surprise? Global brand Midea’s Consumer Appliances line. The international appliance producer launches this innovative collection with the aim of ultimately changing the face of household chores by making every busy homemaker’s life easier. 

At the launch there was their selections of Refrigerators, Microwave Ovens, Air Conditioners and Washing Machine. The Midea product line is exclusively distributed by Concepcion-Midea which they said can compete with the features of other brands for a more affordable price. 

“Nowadays, multitasking is a trait that seems to be innate in every Filipina. Gone are the days when women merely have their household to manage.  Now, they also have to juggle their responsibilities at home while still tending to their careers,” says Mr. Philip Trapaga, General Manager of Concepcion-Midea Inc. Philippines. 

This great shift is something the global brand hopes to give solution to. Women at present are breaking away from their traditional roles and together with this come more things for them to manage.

This is supported by the current upward trend observed in the 2013 worldwide Women’s Advancement Index study that ranked the Philippines third in the Asia Pacific region in terms of women’s participation in the workforce. This figure supports the continuous display of independence among women in the country, whether it comes to their career or simply their life. 

One touch, hassle-free washing
The Midea One Touch Washing Machine

“Time is something very important for active homemakers. Being hands-on with their decisions for their household can be a challenge especially with their busy schedules and other responsibilities. This, however, is definitely possible with the right appliances,” says Mr. Trapaga.

Midea’s One Touch Washing machine is engineered to make the lives of us Filipinos better, adds Mr. Trapaga. He continues, “From its one-touch feature that enables you to wash, rinse, and dry with just a touch of a button to its smart sensors which detects the weight of the laundry you’ve put and automatically fills in the right amount of water, these features are all geared towards making the laundry chore easier and simpler.”

One of the highlights of this washing machine is its Quick Wash function that lets users clean a drum full of clothes in as fast as 19 minutes. Among its most attractive features, however, is the piso wash, a perfect element for all the budget-conscious. The model boasts of energy efficiency, as one wash cycle is equal to only one peso in electrical consumption.

Fresh and healthy food
The Midea Party Refrigerator

“We call our Midea French door model our “Party” Refrigerator as it is built to store a huge amount of food and drinks fit to throw a big party. We Filipinos love to celebrate and entertain in our homes and the Midea Party Ref is the right product for their needs,” says Mr. Trapaga. 

Midea’s Party Refrigerator comes with a wide range of innovative features. With wide interiors, adjustable shelves, and efficient French doors, this model can store up to 20 baskets full of groceries.

The refrigerator system also boasts a “Keep Fresh technology” that maintains the optimum level of humidity to maintain food freshness for longer periods of time. It also irradiates natural light to enhance the nutritional value of food and uses UV light to break down pesticides commonly found in fruits and vegetables.

Similar to the One Touch Washing Machine, the Party Refrigerator fuses high-quality with affordability and energy savings. It is designed with a cutting-edge Turbo Inverter Compressor that enables users to reach desired temperatures without need for costly warm-up times.

Merging quality with affordability

Raul Joseph “Jojo” Concepcion, Chief Executive Officer of Concepcion Industrial Corporation (CIC) and Chairman of Concepcion Midea Inc. Philippines (CMIP) believes that Midea’s new line has all the qualities that can make the lives of consumers simpler. For him, however, a product’s quality goes beyond a solid set of features. Concepcion describes, “We want to bring innovation to a new level of easy. And Midea already has this in their product portfolio. For CIC’s part, we simply want to reinforce their product line with strong aftermarket support and rich local experience.”

 “Picking the right appliances goes a long way in building a home. With the help of Midea’s products, our busy homemakers can focus on the things that matter the most to them—be it fulfilling the promise of their careers or spending more time with their families,” finishes Trapaga.

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