In today’s social-media obsessed and advertising-driven world, the upcoming thrilling film “Channeling” brings a thought-provoking commentary on the possible path of destruction on the way we currently channel our lives. It introduces us into a world where people have begun live-casting. Using a camera in the form of a contact lens, people begin sharing every part of their lives. Some lives are more exciting to watch than others.

Written and directed by Drew Thomas, “Channeling” tells the story of a soldier who returns home for his brother’s funeral to find that his older sibling’s death is mired in a mystery involving social media “eyecasting,” where a user places a contact lens with a camera on their eye and broadcasts everything they do. The more hits you get on your “channel” the more sponsors you can acquire. This spawns casinos where gamblers can bet on people’s life events and unscrupulous channel producers who try to spice up the action on their eyecaster channels.  

Winner at the recent Phoenix Film Festival as Best Sci-Fi Feature, “Channeling” opens July 2 in local cinemas nationwide from CrystalSky Multimedia.

Check out the thrilling trailer here:

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