Olay AquAction: Revolutionary Approach to Hydration care

The new AquAction range is powered by the breakthrough HydraLock technology
to deliver a new standard of hydration – “Pump-pump” bouncy skin 

Olay has launched AquAction – a new hydration range featuring the breakthrough HydraLock technology to deliver a new standard in hydration care. 

Not one, but two causes behind skin dryness

Skin is constantly losing moisture to its surroundings – much like a leaky bucket – even if it is being constantly replenished with moisture. In fact, without doing much at all, we can lose about two glasses of water a day by just normal breathing and evaporation from our skin – imagine how much more moisture an active woman can lose!

However, P&G scientists have discovered a second key cause of moisture loss – skin fatigue. Skin fatigue is the loss of skin energy, which leads to many unwanted changes in one’s skin, including a loss of skin’s ability to hold on to moisture, causing skin’s “leaky bucket” to become even more leaky as a result. 
Many hydration-focused technologies tend to focus on fixing the first issue. However, to keep skin hydrated and bouncy in the long-term, skincare products need to address not one but both causes of skin moisture loss.

A new gold standard in skin hydration actives

P&G has discovered an ingredient that is capable of outperforming hyaluronic acid, an ingredient known to fill and seal skin’s leaky bucket and seen as the current gold standard in hydration care. 

Known as WSK, this ingredient was extracted from the white jelly leaf, and is renowned throughout ancient Chinese history and modern times for its beauty-enhancing properties. 

Inspired by the legendary beauty of Yang Gueifei, a 8th century royal consort whose beauty was so great that it is said it drove the emperor to distraction, Olay scientists discovered WSK by studying the white jelly leaf, which was said to feature prominently in her skincare regimen. 

In their examination, scientists managed to isolate the fascinating WSK compound – which was found to outperform hyaluronic acid, weight-for-weight, when its ability to hold water was put to the test versus hyaluronic acid.  This is a significant finding, because until now it was thought that hyaluronic acid was the gold standard for hydrating ingredients.

Most products are happy to stop here but Olay research has found that just filling skin’s leaky bucket isn’t the whole picture – there is still the issue of skin fatigue which needs to be addressed. Now the phenomenon of skin fatigue – decreasing energy – dictates that if this isn’t addressed, skin will not only get drier, but it will become less responsive to hydrating ingredients. It is thus important to re-energize skin – which is where another active ingredient, Niacinamide comes in.

Niacinamide brings the skin energy level of aged cells back to more youthful levels, so that over time, it gives skin the energy to renew itself, and make components that enable skin to hold onto its own moisture more effectively. 

Proven to deliver “pump-pump” bouncy skin

New Olay AquAction brings the two powerhouse ingredients of WSK and Niacinamide together in its new breakthrough HydraLock technology.  Designed to effectively fight not just one, but both causes of skin dryness, new Olay AquAction delivers a new standard of hydration that is known fondly as “pump-pump’’ bouncy skin. 

According to David Khoo, Olay Senior Scientist, “pump-pump’’ bouncy skin is achieved when skin cells are well-hydrated and attain a full, rounded shape, giving skin a firm and elastic touch.” 

“Olay AquAction represents a new standard in hydration actives – it has been designed to deliver 24-hour non-stop hydration so skin is kept hydrated for longer. When we conducted a consumer study with the product, 92% of users agreed it leaves skin feeling hydrated while 7 out of 10 users believe that the product leaves skin supple and elastic,” said Mr Khoo.

New Olay AquAction is available at all Watsons branches nationwide:

AH Cream 50g (emulsion) – PhP 829
AH Gel 50g – PhP 829
AH Dew 150ml – PhP 829
Mask 5pcs – PhP 829
Sleeping Mask 130g – PhP 1099
Gel and Sleeping Mask 14g – PhP 859
Gel and Toner (dew) – PhP 1099

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