BPO Paves Employment To All - Even Persons With Disability

It is indeed becoming clear that the BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) Industry has contributed with a lot to the employment and improvement of the Philippine economy as well as the lives of Filipinos and their families. Well I am have been in the industry for more than 3 years, and it has contributed a lot to my studies, our lifestyle and even helped me in buying the tools I need for blogging.

Call Centers is still a growing industry even up to this writing and still expected to boom even further not only in the capital but also to major cities all over the country. They provide employment to fresh graduates, working students, single parents, and even to PWD (Persons With Disability).

With a non-discriminatory work atmosphere, BPOs does not look at the looks of the applicant, rather they look into the ability of a person to perform specific tasks, problem solving, communicating and call handling as the most important traits that they are looking for. I was able to see and work with PWD in some of the centers that I have worked with. And it was actually inspiring to see them perform tasks despite their condition, and on their part they become more confident as they see themselves a productive individual which boosts their morale.

In the year 2000, Mar Roxas was named as Chairman of the Information Technology and Electronic Commerce Council. A body formed with the participation of both the government and private sector to monitor the implementation of the E-Commerce Law (Republic Act 8792) and programs pushing for the growth of IT-enabled services. 

Roxas launched 'Make IT Philippines' and organized the first IT-enabled services (ITES) to the United States which led to the biggest global industry names to invest in the Philippines. He pioneered the establishment of high-technology industry centers and the promotion of the business process outsourcing (BPO) market in the Philippines, particularly call center operations. From a mere 2000 jobs at the onset, the BPO industry now provides hundreds of thousands of jobs, thereby putting the Philippines on the map as a major IT/BPO destination.

The growth of the IT and BPO sector was also beneficial to other businesses such as the food industry, real estate, transportation, and raised the consumption and demand for many markets which have also pushed the economy on a continuous growth of GDP annually.

The trend still continues to grow and more are now investing into the business. We are indeed thankful for this industry that started with a dream and policies which paved the way into optimizing the skills and talent of the Filipino people. Of course, the more centers built in the future will also make a domino effect of progress that will indeed make the country a better nation to live in.

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