Adam Richman Is Back, Sourcing The US For Off-Menu Dishes In Man Finds Food

Adam Richman continues his culinary adventures in TLC’s brand new series, MAN FINDS FOOD. He embarks on a new quest to uncover the most unexpected and delicious treasures in towns across the U.S. Discover some truly surprising must-eats that only those in-the-know would be able to find in MAN FINDS FOOD, premiering June 8 at 9:30 PM on TLC.

From a Thai joint in Los Angeles that serves a spicy off-menu burger he can only describe as “life-changing”, to one of the best Pakistani restaurants in Milwaukee hidden in an unassuming office building, Adam takes viewers all over the U.S. as he samples the country’s amazing food creations. These tantalising treasures are sometimes found in towns not known for that particular dish – or for food in general.
Occasionally nestled in locations that are nearly impossible to find, Adam and his crew will hunt down and reveal these classified creations one by one. In Chinatown, he learns about a sandwich so secret you need to be one of the first five to order it. In a neighbourhood known as Kaimuki, he sees how a once-illegal Hawaiian food is specially prepared by pounding it with a pestle. And he makes some mouthwatering finds in the randomest of places, such as a bowling alley – that happens to serve full-broiled chicken, which Adam has proclaimed as his favourite.

Along the way, Adam talks to the creators of these dishes and connects with the locals to find out about their favourite food joints and what other scrumptious secrets the towns might be harbouring.

Tune in as each episode builds up to reveal the most outlandish, delicious, off-the-menu creations.

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