Book And Borders Cafe Opens Doors To Coffee and Book Lovers!

Reading a good book is probably one of the best way to relax. Pairing it with our choice of hot or cold beverage makes it more special. Well there is good news! Books and Borders Cafe is now open in 281 Tomas Morato to provide that experience of a cafe and also read their large collection of books!

They have a number of book with a wide variety of genre. From the popular love, teen, fiction novels to classics, comics, and children books are there for customers to indulge. Its location is perfect for the coffee loving patrons within this area which is filled with restaurants and coffee shops. 

It would not be complete without a menu of drinks and even desserts that will make the stay trully pleasurable. From the facade it already has this cozy feel of a library but with a more energetic feel with their colorful seats.

The Grand Launch of Book and Borders Cafe was star-studded with Benjamin Alves, Karylle, Venus Raj, Winwyn Marquez leading the celebrities, models, and key personalities that have teamed up in creating the shop. There was also a sample of book reading of excepts of the books available for public reading.

Aside from delicious muffins, breads, cupcakes, pies, tarts, squares, doughnuts, and cakes (Salted Caramel Chocolate Cake), Book and Borders also serves more filling menu options like pasta (Truffle Mushroom Pasta, Tuyo Pasta), sandwiches (Beef Pastrami Panini), even salad and breakfast options. For drinks, there’s coffee of course, in a variety of options, as well as refreshing smoothies for hot days.

The café’s brand ambassadors, Karylle and Benjamin Alves are both book lovers, and represents what the café wants to promote very well; which is to encourage the habit of reading as well as indulging in one’s love for coffee. The two self-confessed book lovers were present at the café’s grand opening last July 28, wherein guests were treated to the café’s bestsellers and were given the chance to enjoy the selection of books that are available.

Carrying the tagline, Read. Sip. Dine. Book and Borders is definitely a must-try not just for book lovers and coffee lovers but anyone who is looking for a nice place to hang out in the busy metro.

To learn more about Book & Borders, follow them on Instagram (@bookandborderscafe) and Twitter (@bookandborders). You may also call them on (0932) 871 7856.

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