Enjoy an Under-the-Sea fairy tale at McKinley Hill with The Little Mermaid Musical

Kids and kids at heart will surely be enchanted as Trumpets Playshop presents The Little Mermaid at Venice Piazza at McKinley Hill on Aug. 22, 6PM.

Based on the classic fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen, this charming musical adaptation directed by Steven Conde and choreographed by Jim Ferrer is the coming of age story of the mermaid Princess Jewel (Mica Pineda).

To mark her sixteenth birthday, Princess Jewel must undergo a rite of passage – join the Siren chorus, go to the surface for the first time and use her singing to lure a human sailor into giving up his soul, that thing that humans have which mermaids lack.

Upon going to the surface, she meets Prince Christian (Johann Enriquez) and immediately falls in love. This enrages her Choir Mistress Crustacea (Pam Imperial), who conjures a storm that knocks Christian overboard. Jewel rescues Christian and takes him to shore, singing of her newfound love, but hides when she hears someone coming.

It’s the human Princess Sapphire (Kathleen Francisco) who finds Prince Christian on the beach. She takes him back to her castle and in nursing him back to health, the two fall in love. Yet Princess Jewel is determined to be with Prince Christian too and transforms into a human to join him in the surface world.

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