McJim Classic Leather continues to support Filipino talents across the globe

Sustaining its support for world-class Filipino designers, long established gentlemen’s brand, McJim Classic Leather, supported renowned fashion designer Avel Bacudio at the Style Origin 2015, which was held last June 20 in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

“McJim Classic Leather celebrates world-class Filipino talents! The brand is out there to support global artists like Avel Bacudio and do collaborations with them or support them in any way possible to produce great outputs,” McJim Classic Leather said in an official statement.
Touted as one of Asia’s most influential designers, Bacudio presented his newest collection titled “Cycles” in the annual event—a follow-up to his successful “Doors” and “Churches” collections.

“This collection once more reflects digital print aesthetic, but this time with jewel tones as accents. My collection is about perfectly tailored mash-ups with sportif that are for the modern urbanite man,” Bacudio said.

Catering to the metropolitan lifestyle of modern Filipino men, McJim’s role in the highly successful fashion show is to provide the essential nuance to the collection, completing the looks for the stylish and contemporary urban male. 

“For years, McJim has been providing quality leather products that suit the modern man. This identity complements Avel Bacudio’s ‘Cycle’ collection so we were delighted to be part of show,” McJim said in an official statement.

“Much like my body of work, McJim stands for classic styles for the modern man. One can never go wrong with a McJim piece; he can rely on it to be stylish for years to come,” Bacudio said.

The celebrated fashion designer, who was born in CamSur, jump-started his career in Manila at age 17. Armed with sheer talent and determination, Avel Bacudio joined different fashion tilts, consistently topping every competition he participated in.

These led to a lot of opportunities for the intrepid designer. Two of Avel’s finest recognitions were 2012 METRO magazine’s “Breakthrough Designer of the Year” and “Asia’s Most Influential Designer 2014” during the Mercedes-Benz Style Fashion Week.

Having designed for different platforms through the years, Avel Bacudio has evolved from an excitable avant-garde fashion artist to one with a clean, tailored, and classic aesthetic, albeit with unmistakable traces of his inimitable sense of humor.

These days, too, Avel has been paying it forward by mentoring and grooming aspiring young designers. He nurtures high hopes for his brand and promises to bring the Filipino flag with him in all his achievements.

McJim, on the other hand, continues to focus on creating world-class leather products that are at par with foreign and international brands just as he holds up Filipino artists who can stand tall alongside international talents.

McJim, in fact, considers as its mission and its legacy to be a steadfast supporter of numerous noteworthy causes that promote Filipino talents in the global arena. Among their projects that further this cause is the Original Pinoy Music movement, Dreams Get Real, which helps aspiring artists thrive in the competitive music industry.

McJim affirms this, saying, “McJim supports different talented Filipinos in different fields who have the potential to shine in the international scene.”

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