My Physical Age is 52!? I Need To Reverse Aging With Ensure Stay Strong Grip Challenge!

Practically speaking, we all get old, we all get weak, however it is our option if we get stronger or deteriorate by time. I do admit that age will show on how I perform more than the physical appearance. I too a test and got the shocking physical age of 52! This was indeed shocking knowing that I am only just 28 years old, I am physically double my age.

This reality opened my eyes that I have to do something, and many of us millenials might be on the same state or probably worse. Now, I am challenged to bring my physical state to the right age and manage my weight as well. It is time to get stronger.

The case is quite different from veteran actor Edu Manzano, who is almost a senior but looks, act, and lives his life like someone on his twenties. Aside from showbiz, he is also engaged in business, sports, etc. He still does that things he loves to do and now he is also the perfect brand ambassador for the nutritional drink Ensure

“I may be in my late 50s, but my body feels a lot younger. I observe a strict, balanced diet, a regular fitness routine and surround myself with a regular dose of green space.  These habits help me keep up with the demands of my career and personal life”, says Manzano. He explains, “Change is usually difficult, especially when it comes to our bodies as we age.  I realize that simple tasks such as lifting objects, walking up the stairs and doing other daily physical activities are not as easy compared to doing these ten or fifteen years ago.”

Edu Manzano now leads the campaign for a more stronger Filipinos with the Ensure Stay Strong Grip Challenge. Posters and commercials has been revealed announcing the challenge in which everyone is invited to participate.

To take the challenge, here are the schedules and venues of the Stay Strong Grip Challenge.


Abbott is introducing the Ensure Stay Strong Grip Strength Challenge – a free assessment on strength and muscle mass that aims to reach over 200,000 aging adults nationwide. The activity aims to measure the individual’s grip strength and muscle mass levels with free hand grip strength and muscle mass tests. 

Dr. Jose Rodolfo Dimaano Jr., Medical Director at Abbott Nutrition Philippines, explains, “The consequences of having nutrition gaps and decreased physical performance due to muscle mass loss in older adults can be debilitating. Being aware of your muscle mass levels and gaps in nutrition can prompt you to take charge of your health by maintaining a balanced diet and an active lifestyle. Resistance exercise along with a complete and balanced oral nutrition such as Ensure can help improve strength. Complete and balanced oral nutrition supplements are shown to improve hand grip strength within 8 weeks of intake.”12

The Ensure Stay Strong Grip Strength Challenge will have over 8,700 activation days at select drug stores and leading supermarkets nationwide.

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