Laundrybest Adopts Ariel As Official Detergent

GQWEST Inc. has entered into a partnership with Mazy's Marketing Corporation that allows the brand to utilize the Ariel detergent brand for its Laundrybest laundromat brand.

Under the agreement, the Laundrybest stores will use Ariel detergent while its franchisees will enjoy certain privileges like free delivery to their stores. The partnership with Mazy's Marketing Corporation, the exclusive distributor for institutionals is part of the company's efforts to give added value to their franchisees and to make every experience count to all its customers.

"Through this partnership we can assure our customers that their laundry will be processed with the utmost care, while our franchisees can reassure their customers thanks to our partnership with a credible brand like Ariel" says the company's President Carson Tan.

Laundrybest is the laundromat concept attached to the company's Aquabest water refilling franchise. At present there are 50 Laundrybest stores in Metro Manila with more set to open as the company seeks to capitalize on the booming property sector.

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