Quality learning for children of all abilities

For some children, their life would always be different from the rest of the world. Some cannot find the right words to speak their hearts’ desires, others curiously ask what each color looks like, while some walk to their everyday tasks, trusting the touch of a companion and the friendly sound of nature to lead their way.

They are different, they are unique, and they are unlike anyone else.

Still, like all children in the world, each child is a promise waiting to be fulfilled. A promise of a celebrated and colorful life, experienced and seasoned with everything the world has to offer. Each child has a chance to live and be the person they wish to be—whatever they are capable of doing so, physically and mentally.

One World School in Makati City wishes to be the second home of children of all abilities, their haven in becoming the best individuals they could be, both at the comforts of their families and in the society.

Let One World School be your partner in honing your child’s potentials and grow to be the best versions of themselves with its extensive educational programs carefully planned for every child who yearns to learn.

The Preschool and Elementary (Grades 1 to 4) programs give each child the chance to play and learn with peers and friends who understand and accept them as they are. Through these programs, each child grows with a diverse group of kids, fostering unity and bolstering social skills.

Every classroom is only composed of eight to nine students, all of whom have been selected based on their own strengths and challenges, keeping the school’s ambiance intellectual and emotional sensitive. Guided by two specially trained teachers, each child will be given ample attention ensuring both learning and discovery.

With the colorful set of individuals inside the school, the unique traits of each child come to light, thus, the Individualized Education Program (Preschool to High School) offers a more comprehensive curriculum specifically catering to the specific needs and skills of the pupil. Various extensive therapies and intervention programs may be provided for to the child to carefully develop the different skills he or she has.

Every classroom will only have a small number of students, each of whom has their own personalized curriculum, crafted for each one’s capabilities, with one special education teacher guiding the class. With an education as personal and distinctive as this, a child could grow and evolve more as an individual.

This kind of quality education forges lasting relationships not only between students, but also with the school community and each family touched by the unique circumstance of every child.

Unfortunately, education has become a pricey luxury instead of a basic necessity. All children deserve a chance to be the people they dream to become, and learn from the best set of people. Nothing, not even their condition or financial situation, should hinder a child from being educated.

Thus, One World School launched a scholarship program, which could give a chance to those children in financial need to learn from a quality school. Children living in the Guadalupe Viejo, where the school resides have a chance to be part of the community.

The project “Be Part of Culture Change. Nation Building One Community at a Time” dares to change the culture in Metro Manila about special needs education by strengthening awareness in the community that typically developing children can learn with children with special needs.

The scholarship program would promote a new learning environment for each child enrolled, with typically developing children learning with, and learning from children with special needs, advocating an ideal and truly inclusive setting.

Studies show that children with special needs learning in a general education classroom have improved communication skills, reading and math skills. Moreover, every child feels they belong, regardless of their social background or their health condition.

Contrary to the myth that children without any conditions will be negatively affected by children with special needs, the presence of each individual with their own stories to tell, serve as a learning opportunity and an experience to unravel in an early age, raising appreciation for human diversity.

The school believes that inclusive education, benefit all individuals may it be in academics or character development. Quality education is not the only priority in school, but more importantly, acceptance and value for every unique individual— instilling values that each child would bring for the rest of their lives.

A bigger and better community means a wider and bigger horizon for these children to conquer and learn upon. Every child enrolled can help another child to unravel attitudes and skills that make one individual develop holistically. Every child educated is another promise fulfilled.

For more information about One World School’s programs and activities, you may check its website at http://www.oneworldschool.edu.ph/ or like its Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/oneworldschool.

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