Boboy Syjuco Files Case Against SSS Veto

 With the controversial veto of the SSS Pension increase for pensioners, the public is not happy with this move of the President. Among the other bills that were passed and officially became a law, this particular benefit legislation prevented the additional 2000 pesos with the current pensioners would get each month. Their reason is that when implemented, it will cause the bankruptcy of the SSS in the future.

This also made Presidentiable Boboy Syjuco mad with the move, as a congressman himself, a bill has gone through rigorous deliberation and approval before it would reach the final signature. Among the other candidates, he was the first one to file a case against the veto that has become a national issue. 

He pointed out that the SSS is already in the brink of bankruptcy with the current administration with bad investments at the expense of the member's contributions. The imbalance with the distribution of resources and policies made it vunerable with the members carrying the yoke of these burdens.

There is also the poor collection by the agency which made it hard for them to achieve revenue goals and push further for agressive and sustainable growth of of  the growing membership. The most talked about concern is also the "fat bonuses" of the officials which some are by the millions. Now the veto did not move for the officials also doing the same sacrifice as the masses.

Boboy Syjuco so far made a more personal move for this cause than the other candidates who just posted sentiments but never an action done. Now as more national issues arises,  the challenge to the candidates is how hands-on are they with these problems. As we all know, indeed action speak louder than empty words.

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