Dingdong Mounts #Hitback 3-Peat At Music Museum

OPM Pop Prince Dingdong Avanzado kicks off the new year with his #Hitback: The 3-Peat solo concert at the Music Museum this coming Saturday, January 23, 8:30 pm.

The third leg of his highly-successful #Hitback concert series, the forthcoming show also features the all-male vocal group, Men and Music.

Inspired by the unprecedented turnout from his past two shows last year, Dingdong revs up to third gear as he cooks up more innovative concepts for his ever-expanding audience base.

“I’ve always been amazed to see my audience getting younger and younger!” he exclaims.

“Usually, I’d expect them to be with their parents, only to find out that they went there on their own. It’s heartwarming. That’s why I always make sure that my repertoire constantly evolves, to make sure there’s always something for everyone – whether young or old.”

Relying mainly on the strength of his all-OPM repertoire, the pop balladeer realizes that there is a vast reservoir of timeless and nostalgic classics that will never go out of style, nor forgotten by most karaoke-loving Pinoy concertgoers.

And thanks to his past guests, which have included wife Jessa, daughter Jayda, Randy Santiago, and Noel Cabangon, Dingdong is optimistic that the #Hitback concert series will grow exponentially in the coming years, as he adds more seasoned OPM icons to his guest list.

To date, a U.S. tour is already in the works, and if logistics allow, maybe even a provincial sortie in the months to come.

Just recently, Dingdong scored another personal triumph by directing Jessa’s well-received “I Am Me” concert.

Aside from showcasing Jessa’s remarkable vocal prowess, last Friday’s show also heralded the coming of age of Jayda, whose beauty and musical maturity earned her more fans and admirers, especially on social media.

“The phone keeps on ringing, and there have been lots of inquiries, even bookings for shows,” Dingdong shares. “Of course, it makes us feel really proud, because Jayda’s star is really starting to shine brightly, and this is something she really wants to do.”

But even then, the protective dad clarifies, “But of course, her studies should still be her priority. Everything else can follow when that’s done.”

Dingdong, who is also the incumbent Vice Governor of Siquijor, also revealed that his political plans will have to take a backseat as he focuses more on his family and their respective singing careers within the year.

Produced by Phenomenal Entertainment in cooperation with AIM MBM ’96, #Hitback: The 3-Peat also features The Doorbells, with Elmer Blancaflor as musical director.

Proceeds from the show will benefit the AIM Scholarship Fund.

Tickets are available at the Music Museum (721-6726). For inquiries, please contact Leah at (0917) 5300724

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