Another Great Year For Piolo Pascual

I couldn't believe that Piolo Pascual will turn 40 next week, and he still has that charm like when he started showbiz. Take note that the girls who first fell in love with him are mostly mothers now and still in love with him even up to today. He has been one of the biggest stars of the Kapamilya Network and has been very active and loyal to the station. 

Though many people say that age will take a toll on celebrities as a new batch can easily replace them. But is is indeed different with Piolo which has been in the industry and now joined by his son  Inigo who is starting his own path for showbiz. 

Piolo has maintained his charming physique all these years and beyond the aesthetics of showbiz, he is doing it for the sake of his own health. As an endorser he never fails being part of big brands in the country, and one of them is the insurance company Sunlife.

Talking more about investments, he mentioned that he is now reaping the fruits of his early investments. Along with his good health and spirituality, he has indeed balanced his life with good people, good habits, and less negativity.

So what is new with Piolo at 40?

He is featured on the latest issue of StarStudio Magazine showing his home and answering interesting facts on the new milestone of his life. He will also have his book that will be launched soon, though details have not been revealed. And finally he is also part of #SlumbookSeries! As a second season opening episode, he will be answering Slumbook questions and more! Check the full video of his Birthday BlogCon at the Manual To Lyf YouTube Channel!

So enjoy the episode and don't forget to greet Piolo a happy birthday!

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