The Clean Khaki: Perfect For The Genuine Good Guy's Special Moments

Look your best during the most special moments
 of your life with the comfortable
and stylish Dockers’ Clean Khaki.
Genuine good guys want to look their best for the momentous times in their lives—their first kiss on their first date, the handshake after a successful job interview, those animated chats with friends during chill nights, the laugh fest and camaraderie at family reunions, and that very special moment when their sweethearts say ‘yes’ to the marriage proposal. 

With such ‘Instagrammable’ moments in mind, Dockers believes that grabbing the first pair of pants you see in the closet just won’t do. 

If Dockers, the trusted men’s clothing brand, introduced khaki to men’s fashion at a time the genuine good guys needed it most, it now brings men the Clean Khaki, its signature khaki made specially for looking good during life’s unexpected great moments. 

Depicting the very concept of smart casual, these chinos are made with clean lines and classic khaki styling. Available in a full spectrum of colors, the Clean Khaki offers a hip vibe, adding a contemporary tweak to the traditional khaki. 

The genuine good guys know that anyone
should look great during their best moments,
 and the hip and classy Clean Khaki
 can make this possible.
The comfortable and stylish Clean Khaki can go from easy Monday-to-Friday slacks to the chinos to wear for your special moments. 

Clean Khaki is in the list of Dockers’ Four Pillars, a classification system designed to help genuine good guys decide what pants to wear for various occasions. 

For everyday wear, Dockers says the Jean Cut is a good choice with its rugged and easygoing style, authentic five-pocket design, sturdy rivets, and a hint of stretch. The Jean Cut also comes in a range of fabrics, finishes, and colors, making it versatile as well. 

For workdays and some dress-up events, genuine good guys can try the Broken-In, which has a vintage, lived-in vibe, strong double-needle seams, and a touch of stretch. 

And for the most formal occasions, of course, Dockers offers its top-shelf pants, the timeless and confident Best Pressed, designed with refined details, a sharp center crease, and various fits. 

Men should always be ready for life’s greatest moments—and Dockers has just the right pairs of pants to go with these. 
If you’re aiming for a relaxed vibe with just the
right amount of classiness, wear the Clean Khaki,
 stylish chinos from Dockers.

For a day out with friends, wear the Dockers Clean Khaki,
 featuring clean lines and classic khaki style.

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