Duterte is “strong & fiery leader”, Feng Shui expert Marites Allen said at Pandesal Forum of Kamuning Bakery Cafe

President Rody Duterte is a strong and fiery leader due to his fire sign, that the good fortune of a leader benefits the whole nation and that a leader should be given support by the people, feng shui expert Marites Allen said at the Pandesal Forum of 78-year-old, artisanal Kamuning Bakery Café in Quezon City. She advised President Duterte to be extra careful and rest more in the month of March this new year,m because this is the bad month for people like him born in the year of the rooster.

Marites Allen urged people to not only adopt new year’s resolutions for the Chinese Lunar New Year starting on January 28, but to try to forsake things such as giving up old habits and even old things in one’s wardrobe or homes. She said the Lunar New Year is celebrated by many Asians worldwide as an annual period for renewal, for new plans, new positive attitude. She reminded people that the ancient Chinese tradition of spring cleaning should be done days before New Year’s Day or only up to January 27 new year’s eve, but that there shouldn’t be any cleaning done on the very first day of the new year.

Allen said that based on their respective Chinese zodiacs, President Duterte shall get along very well with Russian President Vladimir Putin who is astrologically a dragon. The Duterte administration is boosting ties with powers Russia and China as part of the Philippines’ new independent foreign policy.
On the prospects for the warring politicians Vice-President Leni Robredo as a water dragon and former Senator Bongbong Marcos who is rooster like Duterte, Allen recommends that both political rivals should try to “find a middle ground and cooperate for the good of the country”. She added that the dragon and the rooster are traditionally “secret friends” in Chinese zodiac, so they could work together.   

Marites Allen at the Pandesal Forum said that the ancient Chinese system of feng shui is “a science”, stressing that it is not a religion and not superstation, just a guide to better life and well-being. She added that good feng shui is just one-third of one’s luck, the rest being God’s will and one’s own personal efforts. She explained that feng shui is an ancient guide for people on how to lead healthy, harmonious lifetysles, whether in the arrangements and designs of our homes, our sleeping areas, our work places, the choices of dates and times to undertake certain actions.

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