Let Me Just Say #ThankYou For Everything This Season!

I say #ThankYou for new adventures!
If we felt last year was a year of challenges and grief, but we can look with hope and optimism. Believe me, I have been through so many moments of both good and bad. Looking back, we can actually say that we are thankful for everything that comes our way.

I have written so many posts when I was down, heartbroken, and angry. Despite the emotions in my writing, I rarely delete them because I can read them again and feel it with a different perspective. And this has been my mantra with what goes on with my life.

Whatever storms we face, time can bring us to an era of peace and we will be thankful for the lessons and emotions we felt during those days. 

Now I am in another phase of life which I can say the year I am very grateful. Not many would know that I have been working step by step to get my degree and in 2016 I finished it and will be joining the graduation ceremonies this 2017.

I say #ThankYou for all lucky moments!  
This has also been a series of years that I have received unexpected blessings in many forms. Like my current job which may be the typical 9-to-5 but is challenging me with new leanings everyday. I sometimes won things with luck and talent, and they become my tools in making more great things.

Life with blogs and events is what I am also thankful as it opened a lot of doors for me to experience new adventures, meet awesome people, and go to places that I though I would never go to. And with that I feel so inspired that I want to share it with the world.

This has been the #BestChristmasEver for me and so I want to say THANK YOU to all of you (and yes to you who is reading right now and taking time for my brainfarts)! If you may going through something right now, just keep the faith and look forward to the things that will come for all of us.

A little "thank you" can go a long way. Say it even in simple moments and you will reap good things as time goes by. With so many war and hatred in the world right now, would you like to choose to bask in the swamp of negativity or choose happiness in things in our lives.

That is why I love news and ads that promote the spirit of gratitude, it teaches us to be humble yet also lifts us to be better beings of the universe. I would like to end this blog post with a video  from  AirAsia with a whole lot of "thank you"  in every second and hope it will be felt in your life as well.

To learn more about AirAsia Philippines’ #ThankYou Christmas Campaign, 
visit the AirAsia facebook page at Facebook.com/AirAsiaPhilippines.

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