Blah Blah Blogs: Obligatory New Year Post 2017

Its another year to annoy you with my opinions and aspirations for the new year.

ladies and gents here is another New Year Obligatory Post of 2017.

2016 (the year that should not be named) has been a year wanted to be forgotten because of the changes and death  it has brought to everyone. It was the year of the great elections here in the Philippines and the United States. And with a twist of history, Duterte and Trump won. The Olympics happened in Rio and we got a silver ending our 20 year medal drought. Nations and boarders become more tense and World War 3 is becoming more of a reality.

Change indeed came last year like a equinox and made changes in the world. It was a typhoon of light and rain, a mix of achievements and moments we thought would not happen. Death was something that swept the year that also affected some of my friends as well, Adrian ( , Iyanne ( , and Jenny (  I also miss Miriam Santiago, Carrie Fisher, Prince, George Michael, and that is some of the people who have left the world during that year. 

Personally it was an interesting year for me, as I finally completed college. Yes, you read that right, I finally graduated Industrial Engineering. But to keep you hooked, I'll share the full details soon. Plus I'll be joining the graduation this year as well, So yey! I also got a job as a pollution control officer last August which kinda changed by lifestyle. It was a new world for me as my first Engineering job also to be part in the Automotive industry.

This year will also be the year I turn 30! The end of the twenties era had come, but I am not really worried about my age, though it is a reminder that I have to enjoy life more and not be too lazy to do them. 3 decades of living in the world could also be a turning point in my life to finally achieve the things I have done so many years ago.

Personal goals for me and the blog is still growing views and engagement, more YouTube moolah and probably something viral this year. I just have to decide if I would go for my comics or book this year, because from my experience they can never done at the same time. 

The world is in a state of wanting to moving on to 2017 as a year of "A New Hope" after a year of Rouge One (you have to watch it). The MMFF also had its turning point this year with 8 films worthy for the film festival. Great films are also coming this year like Wonder Woman, Beauty and the Beast, Justice League, and Star Wars Episode VIII!

2017 is here and the past year left us with so many heartbreaks, as the 'survivors' for this new year, we live out the dreams left by friends, colleagues who are not with us. I want this to be a #YearOfWonder. I won't make promises like the last time, but I just wanted to get ready at what surprises that will come for the whole year.

So wipe that tears off our eyes, let us make this magical, let us make this epic, claim 2017 and make it our year!

Happy New Year everyone!

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