Business At Risk? Have Them Protected With Malayan!

These days, setting up a business is a sound investment given the positive growth of the economy and increased consumer spending. However it still has the challenges of competition, management, and market demand. 

But there is also the threat of businesses in terms of damages due to weather, fire, and other catastrophes. This can come as a huge blow since physical damages  are really expensive that makes it hard to recover and the business fails. But that should not be the case for entrepreneurs who are looking for success with their ventures. To avoid this type of scenario, it is always the best way to protect the business with the right property insurance in the Philippines.

Yes, insurance is also needed by businesses as it takes care of  it against loss or damage resulting from Fire and Lightning, Typhoon, Flood, Earthquake Fire and Earthquake Shock, Smoke Damage, Explosion, Vehicular Impact, Falling Aircraft, Riots, Strikes and Malicious Damage, Sprinkler Leakage, and Bursting or Overflowing of Water Tanks, Apparatus, and/or Pipes (BOWTAP). It also covers built-in extensions namely Debris Removal, Professional Fees and Fire Fighting Expense. These are the coverage of the insurance which is available  with Malayan Business Protect.

To have a clear set of rules on insuring a business, there must be a Comprehensive General Liability (CGL) which includes legal expenses necessary to defend the Insured from third party claims. This may vary from the nature of the business as it offers specific extensions that are relevant to the nature of business from food poisoning endorsements for restaurants.

Also included in the Business Protect Plan is a Personal Accident (PA) feature which is a 24-hour, 365-day protection for the Insured and Insured’s employees against accidents. As a standard feature, Business Protect provides coverage for four (4) named employees provided that the age of each person declared under this benefit does not exceed 65 years old.

There is also the Money, Securities And Payroll (MSP) which compensates for loss of money or securities stored within the insured business premises due to burglary or robbery. In addition, this cover will also respond to loss of money-in-transit due to robbery from the business premises to the bank and vice versa.

With all of those available with their package, having Malayan Business Protect provides coverage for your business with added perks giving them peace of mind that despite the vulnerability  of businesses, having a support is essential in assuring the sucess of your venture.

If you have more questions and inquiries, you can go to and have your business safeguarded!

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