GMA And Rebisco Teams Up To Showcase Talented Kids With Toppstar TV

GMA Network and Rebisco Topps Sarap introduce new breed of talents via their newest kiddie variety show, Toppstar TV. Starting November 10, the show will be featuring talented kids who mostly were part of the talent contest in the past seasons.

The show will feature them in many ways as they performing for the viewers like singing, dancing, hosting and acting skills. Every week they will also feature a Kapuso star who will be their guest for that episode. For the upcoming pilot, it will be the Pambansang Bae, Alden Richards.

Impressively talented, these kids have their own unique charm and special talent. From the youngest Khalil, to their little ate Vianna, they all have the potential to make it big along with their cute faces. They are surely ready to take over our Sundays and get us hooked with their production numbers and weekly special guests.

Every episode will feature segments such as Toppstar Performance where the kids will sing/dance to latest craze. Toppstar Spotlight which highlights their talent in interviewing as they interact with celebrity guests via fun interviews, unboxing videos and showdown.  Toppstar Laughs shows off their comedic talent as they deliver Topp Topp jokes. In some episodes, the kids will play Pinoy-inspired games.

Each episode will have interactive activity bumpers in select segments and Topps Sarap product review by the kids to highlight the values that they will learn at the end of the show.

Toppstar TV begins November 10 from 9:15 to 9:45AM on GMA, with replays every Sunday at 5:00–5:30pm on GMA News TV. 

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