McJim short films win best digital ad at CMMA, awards in Wales and Liverpool int’l film fests

Director and PR entrepreneur Chris Cahilig receives
 the Best Branded Digital Ad award for McJim’s “Pitaka”
at the 40th Catholic Mass Media Awards (CMMA).

It may be gratifying to receive international recognitions for our artistic works, but it is ultimately more rewarding when a prestigious Philippine award-giving body acknowledges the sheer amount of talent Filipinos possess when crafting world-class content for the many creative endeavors they get into.

This is the message that trusted leather goods brand McJim Classic Leather wants to convey after its debut short film “Pitaka” (The Wallet) was hailed last November 14 as the Best Branded Digital Ad at the 40th Catholic Mass Media Awards. It is the newest category in the CMMA that recognizes the shift in media consumption of the modern Filipino.

Directed by public relations entrepreneur Chris Cahilig, “Pitaka” is the result of McJim’s groundbreaking and innovative efforts to project the best of Filipino values to the world.

“Pitaka” director and PR entrepreneur Chris Cahilig
 says he is honored and thankful that a homegrown
 award-giving body like CMMA recognizes
world-class Filipino excellence.
“In producing well-executed and compelling short films like Pitaka, McJim has applied its philosophy of style, quality, and elegance—the same values that have driven it to produce truly world-class leather goods through the years,” says Cahilig. 

And now, in the wake of mutiple nominations and awards McJim’s shorts have garnered from prestigious film fests here and abroad, McJim inspires us to look into ourselves first, to proudly claim our strength as Filipinos.

Cahilig affirms this, saying, “I am overwhelmed and thankful that ‘Pitaka’ has achieved recognition in my own country from no less than the CMMA. This reminds us that it should not take other countries to reward world-class Filipino excellence. We must acknowledge our own strengths and proudly uphold these before the world.”

McJim’s “Pitaka,” produced by Cahilig’s Insight 360 Consultancy Services, Inc., bested six other finalists in the category, namely The Philippine Star’s “Andeng” (IdeasXMachina Advertising, Inc.); Southstar Drug’s “Credo” (Estima, Inc.); SM Supermalls’ “Daddy’s Girl,” “Little Things,” and “Tradition” (DDB Group Phils); and Manulife Philippines’ “Stand Up” (J. Walter Thompson Philippines).
Director Chris Cahilig attributes the success
of McJim’s  short films to their adherence
to the brand’s timeless  philosophy of
style, quality, and elegance

 “Pitaka” wins the Best Illustrated Poem award
at the 2018 Wales International Film Festival

Established by the late Jaime L. Cardinal Sin in 1978, the annual CMMA is one of the country’s most prestigious award-giving bodies for the mass media that honors works, individuals, and institutions that promote Christian values and ideals—something that is very evident in McJim’s “Pitaka”.

“Pitaka’s” storyline pays tribute to the heroism of older members of Filipino families, whose good deeds are sometimes taken for granted by the younger ones. It endorses the timeless Filipino values of sacrifice and perseverance as exemplified by the breadwinner “Kuya” played by Karl Medina, who shelved his personal dreams in order to provide for his younger brother (played by Art Artienda). The frivolous younger sibling would eventually express his gratitude and appreciation for his Kuya’s efforts through a heartwarming, unexpected gesture.

Cahilig attributes the success of “Pitaka,” his debut work as filmmaker, to its raw and honest depiction of a slice of reality in typical Filipino families presented in an extraordinary way. “By touching on a real-life experience, Pitaka’s narrative communicates to the viewer on a deeper personal level and establishes an undeniable emotional connection without the need to sensationalize,” says Cahilig.
 McJim’s debut short film “Pitaka” (The Wallet) wins the Best Branded
Digital Ad award at the 40th CMMA for its compelling and values-based
 narrative that promotes the best of the Filipino to the world.
“Pitaka” starring Art Artienda and Karl Medina celebrates sibling
relationships and what older members of the family do out of love for them.

To enhance “Pitaka’s” emotional impact, McJim explored the beauty of the Filipino language and collaborated with Palanca-winning poet and academician Louie Jon Sanchez in coming up with a beautiful poem that serves as the film’s narration (narrated by Neo Domingo). For this, “Pitaka” likewise won the Best Illustrated Poem category of the 2018 Wales International Film Festival last Oct. 4.

“Pitaka” was also made possible by screenplay writer and line producer Juan Archimedes Del Mundo, cinematographer Cesca Lee, editor Cyril Bautista, and production manager Max Ganda.

Karl Medina delivers a solid performance as “Kuya” (older brother)
 in Pitaka, which snags various official selections in local and international film fests.
McJim’s first horror short film “No Strings Attached” wins as
Best Social Shorts in the Liverpool International Film Festival 2018 in the UK.
Aside from “Pitaka,” McJim’s first horror-thriller short film “No Strings Attached” is also making waves globally, with its recent feat as Best Social Shorts in the Liverpool International Film Festival 2018 in the United Kingdom. 

“No Strings Attached,” which has reaped over 1.5 million views on the McJim Facebook page alone, has been officially selected to participate in seven other international film festivals in the US, Europe, and Australia. Together with the LGBT-themed “Bag” and the more unconventional “Sinturon” (The Belt), McJim’s short films have been selected in at close to 50 international film festivals in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, France, Serbia, Venezuela, Bolivia, Mexico, and Italy.
Jason Estroso of 1:43 boy band breathes life into leading character
 in McJim’s first horror-thriller shorts titled “No Strings Attached.”

Directed by Chris Cahilig, McJim’s first horror short film is not your
ordinary jump scare as it deals with a different kind of fear.
“By collaborating with the best Filipino talents and employing innovative cinematic techniques, McJim tells its stories in a new light, an achievement that is validated by the prestigious awards the brand has so far garnered. 

“But more than the international and local awards, what makes ‘Pitaka’ and other McJim shorts special is how these inspired and touched the lives of millions of Filipinos who have seen them,” Cahilig affirms. 
“No Strings Attached,” which has reaped over 1.5 million views
 on the McJim Facebook page alone, has been officially
selected to participate in various international film festivals.

McJim’s horror short film “No Strings Attached” generated
significant sales for the brand after its release in September.
As of this writing, “Pitaka” has been viewed over 25 million times in various Facebook platforms.

For generations now, McJim Classic Leather has been the leading and trusted brand for classic leather goods and accessories of superior quality and design.

For more information, visit and like the official McJim Facebook page at

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