"Banca Ni DV" Project of Oplan Pamamalakaya Provides Boats For Fishermen of Batangas

Fishermen of Batangas were the beneficiaries of the special project of Oplan Pamamalakaya which aims to provide new fishing boats or bancas to poor communities in the country. Dubbed as "Banca Ni DV," the boats were donated by DV Boer Farm International Corporation (DVBFI), headed by its CEO Dexter Villamin. The beneficiaries came from the coastal areas around Matabungkay in the town of Lian.

Oplan Pamamalakaya is a DVBFI initiative intended to offer profitable and sustainable livelihood opportunities for the members of Magsasaka Inc., a legitimate non-governmental organization (NGO), with the purpose to contribute to the country's overall agricultural progress and development not only in  terms of livestock farming but crop production and fisheries as well.

DV Boer Farm has made significant expansion and now wants to give back to the agriculture and aquaculture industries which are the most underrated industry in the country in which many working this industry are living in poverty yet they are responsible in providing food to the table. 

Every fisherman under Oplan  Pamamalakaya is entitled to 75% of gross proceeds from the computed gross amount based on the standard determined proces for every kind of caught fish; while 25% goes to MAGSASAKA Inc

With the project aiming to empower fishermen with their new bancas which measures 20 x 27 inches and equipped with 7.5 horse power motor, also containing two life vests, a dash camera, paddle, net (lambat pangawil), cooler, compass and flashlight.

Along with the new boats, they were also oriented on how to further improve their living with Dex Villamin (also called DV) sharing his advocacy and vision for the on farmers and fishermen.  As an entrepreneur who started as an OFW and came back to invest in agriculture seems like a big gamble in the industry-driven economy. However he did proved that these kinds of ventures are successful  in rural areas of the country.

The project was also supported by various government agencies such as the DSWD, Philippine Army, The local government of Batangas, Attending the turn-over are DSWD ASec., Anton Hernandez (representing Sec. Ronaldo Bautista), BGen, Burgos, BGen., Ed Libago, PDir. Gen. Calima, and LTC Bert Nioda.

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