Holiday hacks from DHL Express: A jolly season for social media selling

As Filipinos search for gift ideas this holiday season, it is crucial for social media sellers to ensure these things: get their products to stand out and nudge posts to the top of their customers’ feeds. Nailing these two can increase their chances of converting followers into customers. 

If you are a small business looking to thrive on e-commerce, DHL Express has compiled a checklist to help you get there. Distilled from experiences from helping other small businesses grow and readily available on DHL Discover, an online library of business and culture insights, here are the global logistics leader’s top recommendations: 

Choose the right platform

When choosing the right channels for selling your products and services, go for the ones that can help you reach buyers and give you free analytics tools. If 94 percent of shoppers said that Facebook posts affect their holiday buying choices, then you definitely want to be there. A bonus on Facebook is the free analytics tool Facebook Audience Insights, which helps you make informed decisions in scheduling your content and targeting your audience when they are most engaged.


Sharing mesmerizing photos is one way to catch your potential customers’ attention and inspire them to buy from you. Hashtags, however, are a crucial way to link them to the people looking for it. In using hashtags, think beyond the product or service you’re selling and consider related themes that drive your customers to you. If you’re a food brand, think about using hashtags like #giftideas or #nochebuena to get the attention of your potential customers. 

Work with advocates

By working with social media influencers, you can make potential consumers from their loyal follower-base. In one of his blog entries, marketing guru Josiah Go advised that influencers should be able to talk about their personal experiences with your product, using their own style. This will make the endorsement more authentic and less of a hard sell, which makes your brand more credible. 

Get your call to action right

Make your call to action clear and ensure the buying process is simple. Something as straightforward as adding a ‘click to buy’ tab underneath that Instagram product photo they liked will help you leverage positive leads. Don’t waste this opportunity.

Encourage customer feedback

Leverage consumer reviews to create a space where happy consumers can share positive experiences of your product. Be aware, though, that customers may also post about an unhappy experience. Stay switched on and respond to complaints quickly.

As customers look forward to reviewing your product or service, keep in mind that their overall experience, from window-shopping to check-out to shipping, shapes their perception of your brand. By counting on a logistics provider like DHL for last mile requirements, you can deliver the best possible customer experience worth sharing on social media.

Find out how DHL Express Philippines can ensure the safe and timely arrival of your customers’ orders. Contact Jeffrey Francisco, Business Development Executive at or + 63 9178127316.

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