MEGA Sardines' Christmas family drama ‘Adulting’ is a real weeper

Prepare your hankies for MEGA Sardines’ Christmas family
 drama titled “Adulting,” its second short film under the
 #MegaGandaAngBuhay campaign.
Following the success of its first viral video “Tipidity,” MEGA Sardines, the Number 1 sardines brand in the Philippines, takes viewers on an emotional roller coaster ride this Christmas season through “Adulting,” its second short film in its #MegaGandaAngBuhay trilogy.

While “Tipidity,” which has so far garnered about 4 million views, depicts the quirks and realities in a newly married couple’s life, “Adulting” tugs at one’s heartstrings as it navigates the tricky waters in a mother-daughter relationship.

 “Adulting” tells the story of a young female professional
who yearns for more independence even as her mother
practices tough love when dealing with her. 
“Adulting” tells the story of Angeli, a spunky young female professional (played by Crystal Paras) who yearns for more independence even as her mother Aling Lorna (played by Ruby Ruiz) practices tough love when dealing with her. “Adulting” can be viewed on MEGA’s official Facebook page and YouTube channel (Mega Global).

Director and public relations specialist Chris Cahilig says “Adulting” best embodies MEGA Sardines’ new #MegaGandaAngBuhay campaign, which aims to present timeless Filipino values and snippets of everyday life through compelling and very relatable narratives.

MEGA Sardines’ second #MegaGandaAngBuhay short film
 “Adulting” navigates the tricky waters in a mother-daughter
“MEGA Sardines’ #MegaGandaAngBuhay campaign brings a message of hope and optimism to personal relationships at a time when too many distractions stand in the way of harmony. No matter at what point in your life journey you’re in, the campaign affirms that MEGA Sardines has always been—and will always be—there for you and constantly share in your most heartwarming experiences in life,” Cahilig says.

“Have your hankies on hand because ‘Adulting’ will surely resonate with your hearts and dredge up a few memories of your own,” he adds.

For MEGA Sardines’ Christmas family drama “Adulting,”
no one is ever too old for a mother’s love. Watch “Adulting”
 on MEGA Sardines’ official Facebook and YouTube pages. 
Aside from “Adulting” and “Tipidity,” MEGA Sardines is set to present one more short film under its #MegaGandaAngBuhay campaign—“First Day,” to be launched in the first quarter of 2019. All three short films can be viewed on MEGA Sardines’ official Facebook page.

“Adulting” was made possible by Tiu Lim Foundation (executive producer), Rommel Sales (cinematography), Yuji Gonzales (screenplay), Alec Figuracion (offline editor), Kenneth Amparo (online editor), Melai Entuna (line producer), Clark Lopez (assistant director), Kat Salinas (sound design), Richard Gonzales (scoring), Yani Bautista (production manager), and Johanna Evangelista (production coordinator). “Adulting” was shot at Bria Homes in Pampanga.

It also stars Wayne Avellano, Jason Estroso, and Bernadette Moldera.

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For more information about MEGA Sardines and its #MegaGandaAngBuhay campaign, visit or

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