IMAX With Laser Is A Glorious Way To Watch Movies!

IMAX is a growing cinematic experience here in the country, with some are now available in the provinces. The power of a wide and immersive screen partnered with a surround sound that catches the senses. I always enjoy the unique experience that I had whenever a film is screened in this theater.

Now a new kind of IMAX has come to one of the premiere malls in the Philippines at Evia Lifestyle Center along Daanghari. is the first of its kind in the Philippines and even in South East Asia, The IMAX with Laser. This is a milestone to the Vista Malls as it their first and provide a thrilling movie experience for its patrons.

So what makes this cinema one of a kind? Lasers, and what me mean are the entertainment type. Known to be a concentrated form of light, it brings a brighter and crisp moving pictures partnered with 12-channel sound system which makes surround sound really amazing.

Having it projected in Laser form also requires special screens and 3D glasses which is customized to work with the technology. This helps in making sure that what it projects can par with the 4K technology we have for TVs of today.It has a seating capacity of almost 450 seats with each of them made exclusively by international brand Figueras.

We had a chance to see and feel what IMAX with Laser can bring, so we were treated with a special IMAX movie "Pandas" which tells the story of real life pandas who from captivity are getting ready for live in the wild. Indeed, it was effective in bringing a very clear pictures and powerful speakers which adds drama to the film. 

I am pretty excited for all the big films that will be coming to IMAX next year which makes the best way to enjoy them on the first day of screening. Titles like Captain Marvel, Avengers 4, Shazam, and many more is expected to hit theaters by 2019.Ticket prices are at P650 which already includes popcorn and a drink.

For more information, you can also contact the Evia Facebook page for more information and other inquiries. 


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