Japanese Psychothriller "Gannibal" Renewed For Second Season

Following a dramatic first season that left audiences on a blood-curdling cliffhanger, stars Yuya Yagira, Show Kasamatsu and Riho Yoshioka return for the spine-chilling conclusion to this unmissable story

After a breathtaking first season that saw Yuya Yagira receive a Best Actor nomination at the upcoming Busan International Film Festival’s Asia Contents Awards & Global OTT Awards, and which saw the show become the most watched locally produced original series on Disney+ in Japan in the month since its premiere (based on hours streamed), Gannibal will return for its second season exclusively on Disney+.

Starring some of the biggest names in the Japanese creative industry, season two will see the return of Yuya Yagira as police officer Daigo Agawa; Show Kasamatsu as Keisuke Goto, the head of the Goto family; and Riho Yoshioka as Yuki Agawa, Daigo’s strong and supportive wife. Season two will also see the return of screenwriter and Academy Award-nominee Takamasa Oe; director Shinzo Katayama; and producer Teruhisa Yamamoto, the producer of the 2022 Academy Award-winning Drive My Car.

Set in a fictional Japanese village, season one of Gannibal saw recently relocated police officer Daigo Agawa arrive in his new home a broken man. Wrestling with his guilt over an event that traumatized his daughter, things started off promisingly for the new arrival before a series of alarming events quickly led Daigo to the horrifying realization that something was deeply wrong with the villagers and the mysterious Goto family. Thrown into a hostile environment with suspense around every corner, season one took audiences on an emotional rollercoaster before leaving them on a heart-stopping cliffhanger.

In season two, audiences will get to uncover more of the village’s horrifying secrets and discover if Daigo has what it takes to escape the impossible and bring the nefarious Goto family to justice.

Stream the first season of Gannibal, exclusively on Disney+.

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