Great Tokyo Adventure: Starbucks Reserve Roastery Tokyo

Let's now go to one of the biggest Starbucks stores in the world, Starbucks Reserve Roastery Tokyo. Opened in 2019, this one of kind Starbuck store elevates the experience from the usual Starbucks coffee stores, and this store is huge! It has 4 floors with each having something to offer its customers.

Being the regular in Starbuck in the Philippines, I thought it would be the same. Well, it is with the regular Starbucks, but it was indeed a roastery and reserve store. Located in Meguro City Tokyo, you can take the train via the Hibiya line to Naka-Meguro station and walk northwards the Meguro River.

The four-Storey building is distinct yet simple in design that also reflects the brand's global image. Inside you will be greeted with the coffee scent along with the massive roastery components that looks like a huge coffee factory. Well, it's indeed a real roastery. 

Of course, they also have a merchandise area that sells beans, mugs, tumblers, and even shirts. While waiting in line, you can see how they roast the beans fresh in the shop with sacks of coffee, pipes, and this huge copper cask which was inspired from Sakura trees. Actually, each floor has its specialty, the first floor has the main bar and counter along with the Princi Bakery.

On the second floor, it is dedicated for the Teavana Bar and Merchandise which also has Japanese Paper or Washi Walls, Origami ceilings, and this amazing teacup wall. And since this is Japan, Matcha is a specialty here.

The third floor is where you can find the Arriviamo Bar, where they do mixology with coffee, crafted to bring a new sensation to its patrons. At the same floor you can also see the card wall which spells Tokyo.

Here you can also see the the clacker board like those in airports, which highlights the six exclusive Starbucks Reserve Roasteries in the world. The roasting process also continues here as you can see how they pack them in their assembly line while customers enjoy the view on the side. In the 3rd and 4th floor, there is also the veranda view facing the Meguro River, and it feels so liberating enjoying a drink al fresco.

And finally on the fourth floor they have the Amu Inspiration Lounge where seminars and small events can be hosted while enjoying the fresh cup of coffee or tea.

Indeed, this is different from any Starbucks store I've been to both in the Philippines and Japan. They only serve Reserve drinks, with Tevana and Mixology drinks on different floors and counters. So, you won't find Frappuccino drinks here, rather they want you to appreciate coffee at its best forms.

With the ambiance of the building itself, it's an experience like that of a museum or park. That is why many would go here for the taste and adventure of this one-of-a-kind Starbucks store.

And if you're a fan of the brand, or even coffee or tea in general, this is worth the journey and a stop in your own Tokyo itinerary.

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