Watch Pamilya Kaya Take On GFiber 299 Challenges

Globe at Home just came up with an interesting way of showing their GFiber Prepaid with an interesting challenge featuring a “big brother” style which can be viewed online and live on site. From October 1-7, 2023, at Market! Market! Neri Miranda, Teddy Corpuz, Raymond Mabute, and Lottie Bie will be Pamilya Kaya will go on a 7-day challenge that will test their skills and also the flexibility of GFiber Prepaid.

Neri Miranda plays Mommy Kaya, a wais housewife with a passion for online deals, Neri is on a mission to live-sell an impressive 299 items. While Teddy Corpuz is Daddy Kaya who is gearing up to create and upload 299 videos online to become a YouTube star with streaming and online reactions.

Next, we have is Raymond Mabute who is Kuya Kaya, whose mission is to win 299 online matches on Valorant to achieve his dreams of being an eSports champion. And finally, we have TikTok star Lottie Bie as Ate Kaya who will go on a match spree on dating apps to get 299 matches. Pamilya Kaya is situated on a house built on the Market Plaza where people can also view them do the challenges online in which they also have live streams heald from 5 to 8 PM.

For fans outside Manila, regional live streams are scheduled in key cities. Those who watch onsite will get a chance to win exclusive prizes.

Catch the action at the following locations:

October 4-6 (special viewing on October 6)

●       SM Dasmariñas and SM Butuan

October 5-7 (special viewing party on October 7)

●       SM Iloilo

All challenges will be streamed live on Globe At Home’s official Facebook page and Globe Youtube channel, and viewers can engage with Pamilya Kaya as they do the livestream for exciting prizes.

Raymond Policarpio, Vice President of Globe at Home Broadband Business, expressed his enthusiasm over the event, saying: "With the Pamilya Kaya Challenge, we're not only showcasing the speed of GFiber Prepaid but the limitless opportunities it brings to Filipino families. In today's digital age, it's not just about being online, but about thriving, connecting, and achieving dreams. From October 1-7, with Globe GFiber Prepaid, every Filipino family can say, 'Kaya Mo Now!'"

For just P299 for seven days, GFiber Prepaid offers unlimited internet in fiber speeds like no other, ensuring that Filipino families can try new adventures, establish fresh connections, master new skills and improve their diskarte. It's a testament to the boundless potential and growth that the digital world offers. Indeed, angat ang buong pamilya sa unli internet ng GFiber Prepaid.

See the Pamilya Kaya Challenge live from October 1-7 in Market! Market! or watch live on Globe At Home’s Facebook page. Sign up for GFiber Prepaid via the GlobeOne app. Kahit ano, kaya! Kaya ng Pamilya. Kaya Now. 

To apply for  Globe At Home GFiber Prepaid, check out the GlobeOne app, tap the GFiber Plan icon and choose GFiber Prepaid.

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