Netflix releases the main trailer for DonBelle’s new series Can’t Buy Me Love launching on October 13

Netflix releases the official main trailer of DonBelle’s upcoming series, Can’t Buy Me Love. In the trailer, we get a more in-depth look at the characters, Bingo (Donny Pangilinan) and Caroline (Belle Mariano).

Caroline is born into a wealthy traditional Chinese family, while Bingo works different jobs to make ends meet, and in a twist of fate, the two different worlds collide. Joined by a stellar cast including veterans Rowell Santiago and Nova Villa, and masterfully directed by Mae Cruz Alviar, Cathay Garcia-Sampana, and Ian D. Loreños, the anticipated #DonBelle comeback will surely fill your weekly kilig tank.

Can’t Buy Me Love premieres on Netflix this October 13, 72 hours ahead of free TV and 24 hours before it’s shown on pay TV. Donny and Belle, adorably referred to as #DonBelle by loyal fans, previously starred in He’s Into Her,  Love is Colorblind, and An Inconvenient Love, also streaming on Netflix.

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