Korean Variety Show "Unexpected Business In California" To Debut October 26 on Disney+

Starring Cha Taehyun and “Moving” star Zo Insung, this popular variety show returns for a third season on Disney+

Beloved actor Cha Taehyun and Moving star Zo Insung cast aside their red-carpet lifestyles to run an Asian supermarket in suburbia in Unexpected Business in California, a laugh-out-loud Korean variety show coming to Disney+.

After becoming accustomed to the bright lights of Seoul’s showbusiness scene, Korean stars Cha Taehyun and Zo Insung are whisked far away from home to the quiet  seaside city of Monterey, California to run a Korean-American grocery store. While there, they’ll be treated like everyday employees, sorting stock, stacking shelves and serving up a selection of snacks to local residents while the store’s owner takes a much-needed vacation.

The third outing for this beloved show will see Zo Insung build on his culinary prowess from earlier seasons as he attempts to share classic Korean dishes with American customers. Audiences can also look forward to a variety of guest appearances throughout the show, including a memorable visit from Zo’s Moving co-star Han Hyojoo.

Fans of unmissable Korean content can sign-up to Disney+ today to enjoy immediate access to Moving, starring Zo Insung as a super powered spy who goes MIA when his government asks him to do the unthinkable; as well as The Worst of Evil starring Ji Changwook as an undercover police officer and Wi Hajun as the leader of a Korean gang involved in a drug smuggling ring in 1990s Gangnam. Fans can also sign-up to enjoy season one and two of The Zone: Survival Mission, a laugh-out-loud Korean variety show starring Yu Jaeseok, Lee Kwangsoo and Kwon Yuri.

Stream Unexpected Business in California from October 26 on Disney+.

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